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Room Club is part of an English Company that has operated within the property and estate market for over 10 years.

Our vision and mission is to help people to move to London by offering a complete relocation package, acting as a property finder.

The process is very simple: our Customers tell us what they are looking for and we will take it from there: in a short time we will find some viable and actual options to reflect exactly what the Clients expect and requested.

Among our available solutions:

  • Rooms in flatsharing
  • Holiday apartments
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Guest-houses, hostels, etc.
  • … And many more!

Our guarantee:

  • All the offered solutions come from registered and certified English Companies
  • All the apartments are compliant with the Health and Safety standards (among other equipment provided you will find fire extinguishers, fire blankets, CO detectors, smoke detectors, etc.)
  • All the Clients will need to sign a regular contract that will protect and guarantee their stay
  • Our prices are the best on the market based on our unbeatable conditions (minimum stay, deposit and rent in advance, references, etc.)
  • Assistance in every single aspect in 4 different languages (English, Spanish, Italian and French)

Here is how you can find the perfect accommodation solution for your needs:


Our easy and user-friendly website


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Meet our staff at our office in London

61 Banner Street, London

The top 5 reasons why customers choose us

  • We save you time. Looking for an accommodation in London is very time-consuming: phone calls, messages, e-mails, viewings, and so on. Room Club do all the work for you, based on your specific requirements.

  • We save you money. Nowadays all property and estate Companies charge expensive admin fees, then reference fees, credit checks, the list goes on. Room Club’s unique system is able to minimise the cost passed onto the Client thanks to a very high number of Customers and the easy and fast process put in place.

  • You won’t need many references. Many Companies choose to protect themselves by asking their tenants loads and loads of references, making the whole letting process almost impossible. With our extensive experience we have been able to develop an easy, fast and reliable reference check system, with over 98% of approval rate.

  • Business experience. Our Customers know that telling a real offer from a scam is getting harder and harder. Room Club have established business relationship with trusted partners, Companies in operation for a long time.

  • Premium assistance: Room Club is proud to always take the Customers’ side and will help you dealing with any issue along the way.

Here you can find all our services


Rooms in flatshare


Serviced Apartments - short and long term let


Guest house / Hostel in Central London

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