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Room Club is a multi-level portal for students and young professionals looking for their starting point in the UK.

We started our company in 2009, aiming to revolutionize the property market in London.
We never stopped.
Year after year we built a solid company with more than 70 partners and 20,000 rooms spread all over UK.

How we did that?
Clear condition, a lot of passion and always putting the customer service at the top of our priority.

Our team spent last decade working tirelessly on improving the conditions and the practice of the shared accommodation in London and the UK.

Our company

Room Club is a REAL company made of REAL people.

You can contact us anytime and make sure that you receive all the support that you need for your relocation process.

We are registered to the UK PROPERTY REDRESS SCHEME in order to guarantee to offer the standards that you deserve.

Room Club ™ is owned by Room Club Ltd that it’s a subsidiary of Sognando Ltd (07111464). Sognando Ltd is the company providing the services using the trademark Room Club.

What Room Club users are saying

Definitely happy
I was looking for the right room for ages and I was tired of not being able to compare the different rental conditions on other websites. Room Club is easier because it shows immediately the informations the matter the most.
Kate V, Happy search
Facebook Review
Hey 🙂 I've spent ten weeks in London. I rented a room in Room Club. No problems! Top service!
Nuno Silva, happy client
Facebook review
From the very beginning, everyone was so nice at us. They tried to find the best option possible for what we were looking for. We're very thankful and happy with their service. I would highly recommend it to anyone moving to London.
Anna F, happy client
London Metropolitan Student
For me it was easy and simple to find my studio flat on room club!
Kaya S, happy client
I was looking for a single room in central London and Micky from Room Club sent me 3 possible solutions within few minutes! Great service
Simone B, happy client

Where to Find Us

13 Clapham High St, Clapham North, London SW4 7TS – London

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 11am – 6pm

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