Landlord 101: what are functions

In the world of property rentals, several platforms vie for attention, including well-known names such as SpareRoom, Zoopla, On the Market, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and more. However, a new contender has entered the arena—! What distinguishes Room Club from its competitors? It’s simple: it’s free and equipped with features that facilitate cross-platform and social media promotion.

Today, let’s delve into the functions available in your control panel!

Firstly, after logging in, you can click the top-right icon, which is your profile picture, located to the right of the “Create a Listing” button. Once done, you have various options:

  • Board
  • Properties
  • Create a Listing
  • Favorites
  • Saved Searches
  • Invoices
  • Agents
  • My Profile
  • Log Out.

Now, let’s analyze each option one by one.

Board: Through “Board,” you can manage virtually all your daily needs. You’ll have the option to use the sub-functions “Activities,” “Deals,” “Leads,” and “Inquiries.”

  • “Activities” allows you to check the summary of the main interactions and actions you’ve taken on the platform.
  • Next is “Deals,” which includes the client’s name, property title, and the deal’s value. You’ll find tabs for “Won deals” and “Lost deals” based on their positive or negative outcome.
  • Then there’s “Leads,” which gathers potential customer inquiries about your listings (excluding Zoopla). Zoopla inquiries come via email or, if agreed upon earlier, on other platforms.
  • Lastly, under “Inquiry,” you’ll find details about what your contacts are interested in!

Properties: By clicking on “Properties,” you’ll find all your active and past listings. With “All,” you see all listings, “Published” shows active ones, “Pending” requires validation, “Expired” includes listings active for too long (typically 1 year), “Draft” contains incomplete listings, “On hold” are listings you’ve decided to remove from the market, and “Disapproved” includes listings deemed unsuitable for publication.

Create a Listing: You can create your listing using the “Create a Listing” function.

Favorites: You can add your favorite listings using the command next to the social media sharing option, and they will be visible under “Favorites.”

Saved Searches: You can save a history of your searches, accessible under “Saved Searches.”

Invoices: The “Invoices” section gathers transaction data made through

Agents: The “Agents” option allows you to create profiles linked to your account, enabling shared access and usage, and separating various functions available on the site.

My Profile: The penultimate option, “My Profile,” displays your profile details, which you can modify there.

Log Out: Lastly, “Log Out” allows you to exit the platform.

This allows you to explore in-depth all the potential Room Club offers to agents. For landlords and agencies, we can offer integrations with your software and evaluate the portals you use to provide you with a customized service.

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