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Prices and Conditions [OLD VERSION]

Renting a room in London can be really easy or super difficult.

Room Club is here to help you renting your room effortlessly without having to worry about dodgy clauses, unclear fees, etc.

This page will explain exactly which fees you’ll have to pay and why.

Administration fees

[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design04″ color_scheme=”gray” package_heading=”Administration fees” package_price=”£ 100″ package_unit=”per person” package_featured=”enable”][/ultimate_pricing]

Our office will take care of several admin duties and you’ll be charged a one time only flat fee. The fee includes all the following (however some of these duties could not be necessary):

  • Registration fees
  • Identity Check
  • References Check
  • Inventory Check

No other hidden fees. (during the year we can offer some promotions and discounts)

Rent in advance

[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design04″ color_scheme=”gray” package_heading=”Rent in Advance” package_sub_heading=”every new contract” package_price=”1 week” package_unit=”per room” package_featured=”enable”][/ultimate_pricing]

Yes, whenever you sign a new contract you will have to pay some rent in advance. You can’t occupy your room without making this payment.

The majority of our properties require only 1 week rent in advance, however we have some properties that could require more. Of course a member of our staff will explain you clearly the conditions for renting the room BEFORE signing any contract, showing you the room or paying any fee.

No surprises here. We got you covered.

Bills and Internet

[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design04″ color_scheme=”gray” package_heading=”Bills and Internet” package_price=”£ 0″ package_featured=”enable”][/ultimate_pricing]

The majority of our properties are offered with all the bills INCLUDED in the price. So you won’t have to pay a single penny for ELECTRICITY, GAS, COUNCIL TAX and WATER.

There could be some occasions where the rent of the room will be reduced and you’ll be responsible to share some of the bills with the other occupiers. Our staff will always inform you before signing any contract.

ATTENTION: Internet is offered free of charge in all the flats.

Check out Fees

[ultimate_pricing design_style=”design04″ color_scheme=”gray” package_heading=”Check out Fees” package_sub_heading=”at the end of your stay” package_price=”£ 25″ package_unit=”from” package_featured=”enable”][/ultimate_pricing]

At the end of your stay you’ll usually have to pay a CHECK OUT FEE that could include the cleaning of the room, inventory check, etc.

This price can change and it’s generally  around 25£ per person.  You’ll be informed before signing any contract if the price is different.

Other terms and conditions of your contract

Room Club works with several accommmodation provider but we work hard to keep our conditions simple and clear.

We create tailored offers around you so the duration of the contract, the type of the contract and many other factors could be different from one another.

We don’t want you to feel threatened or confused in the crowded flatsharing market and this is the reason why our office will be always ready to help you and to explain in plain English (or in your native language) the terms of the contracts.

Our motto is NO SURPRISES.

If you have any question or something isn’t clear PLEASE get in touch with us.

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