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Everything you will need to know to advertise your properties

In a fast and practical way meeting the platform standard.


  • The advert must represent a real and specific room or property
  • Listings must contain pictures
  • It is not possible to advertise multiple rooms in one single listing
  • Advertising properties that are different from the one shown in the pictures is not permitted
  • All the information must be truthful and realistic

!!! Make sure you follow these guidelines posting an AD, breaking any of this rules will result in the cancellation of your AD. !!!

1 – Title (Mandatory)
This one is quite simple, just write down the title of your ad

2 – Additional Info
Please not this is not a description. The description will be automatically created using all the information you will provide during the process. So in this field we suggest you to write only very important details regarding your property.

3 – Price (Mandatory)
Knowing how the letting market works, we decided to set this field as WEEKLY. That means that you have to put the price per week, and NOT per month.

4 – Bills (Mandatory)
This one is quite simple: Bills can be INCLUDED, PART INCLUDED, NOT INCLUDED. You just have to pick the right one for you.

5 – Property Type (Mandatory)
What kind of property are you advertising?

  • If you want to publish a room, then pick Flat Sharing.
  • If you want to publish a flat/house, then pick Entire Apartment.
  • If you want to publish a Student Accommodation, then pick Student House.

Note: If you want to publish a Student Accommodation, you can use your free listings to do so, or you can get in touch with us and we will explain how our “Student Accomodiation Service” works.

6 – Listed As (Mandatory)
Pick the type of room/property you are advertising. If you are advertising a room, pick a room. If you want to advertise more rooms, don’t pick Flat – 2+ Bedroom, that would be against our Ts&Cs and, more importantly for you, would not give you visibility since the Ad would be listed as a Flat, not as Room, not being displayed in the listings available as room.

7 – Property Status (Mandatory)

Is your property available or rented at the moment? Just select the option.


* At least 1 image is required for a valid submission.Minimum size is 500/500px. You can upload maximum 7 images

If you don’t upload at least 1 image that fits the requirements, you will not be able to submit your AD.

** Double click on the image to select featured.

Double clicking on the TOP RIGHT corner of any image you have uploaded, will set that image as cover image of the listing.

*** Change images order with Drag & Drop.

You can drag and drop the images to decide in which order you want them to be displayed.

**** PDF files upload supported as well.

This one is easy, you can upload pdf as well as normal pictures.

***** Images might take longer to be processed.

The bigger size the image has, the longer the system will take to upload it.


Video from:

You can choose between vimeo and you tube, you if have a vimeo video, choose vimeo, if you have a youtube video, choose youtube.

Embed Video id:

Paste the link of the video.

1 – Street name (Mandatory)
Write here the exact name of the street where the property is located. Ex. 61 Banner Street

2 – Post code (Mandatory)
Write here the exact post code of the property. Ex. EC1Y 8PX

3 – City (Mandatory)
Just pick the city where the property is from the list. When you select a city, in the “Area – Station” field you will see only the areas of the selected city.
Ex. Select London and you will see the 270 tube stations of the London Underground.

4 – Area – Station (Mandatory)
This field had to be selected after “City” field. Will allow you to pick an Area/Station/Zone of the city from a list. Pick one, it’s mandatory!

5 – Place Pin with Property Address (Mandatory)
Filling in the previous 4 fields will allow you, clicking on the big orange button, to place a pin that will appear on the map, positioned in exact place your property is located.

1 – Bedrooms (Mandatory)
How many bedrooms had the property? Write numbers only!

2 – Bathrooms (Mandatory)
How many bathrooms had the property? Write numbers only!

3 – Available from (Mandatory)
When is the property going to be available? Pick a date!

4 – Train Line (Mandatory)
Which mean of transport is the best to reach the property? Pick one.

5 – Zone (Mandatory)
In which zone is the property located? If the city has no zones, just pick Zone 1.

6 – Minimum stay (Mandatory)
What is the minimum duration of the contract?

7 – Deposit required (Mandatory)
How much is the deposit for this property? You can only write numbers!

8 – Rent in advance (Mandatory)
How much is the rent a tenant had to pay in advance before have the keys of the property?

9 – Administration fees PP (Mandatory)
Administration fees per person, how much does each tenant has to pay as administration fees?

Amenities and Features

You can click on the name or on the checkbox to tick the amenities/features that your property has.

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