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Room finder Service in London [OLD VERSION]

Over last year we have helped more than 3450 customers to find the perfect room for their needs thanks to our Room Finder service. The process is really simple and fast:

Visit our office and tell us what you are looking for.

We show you a list of available rooms/apartments that fit your requirements.

Subscribe to the service. The subscription has a cost of £100 per person (don’t worry, this is fully refundable, read on) and the service has a maximum duration of 30 days.

We book a viewing for the properties that you like from our list.

After the viewings here is what happens:

If you like the room and you wish to take it, that’s great! You have to pay the holding deposit required (usually 2 weeks of rent) to secure it so that it will be exclusively yours.

If you don’t like the room, no worries! We will book a visit for another one so you can choose a different solution.

When you have found a room that you like and paid the holding deposit, on the day of the check-in your contract will be ready at our office, just come and sign it! You will also need to pay your first week of rent.

If you don’t find anything good for you, or you have found a room without our help, at any time during the 30 days you are free to cancel your subscription by email, phone or sms and we will give you back the £100 in cash immediately!

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