Rooms and Properties: you must know this if you are new to London!

Moving to London for studies or work is an exciting venture, but navigating the city’s rental landscape, especially in shared accommodations, can be overwhelming. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help students and new workers understand the ins and outs of shared accommodation rentals in the city.

1. Move-in ASAP: Timing is crucial when it comes to securing a room. Landlords and agencies prioritize clients looking to move in as soon as possible. Aim to start your search 45 to 30 days before your desired move-in date to increase your chances of finding the perfect space.

2. Fees and Viewings: Never pay for viewings. Whether in person or via video call, viewings are your right as a potential tenant and are typically free. One viewing is usually sufficient, as requesting multiple viewings may jeopardize your chances of securing the room.

3. Don’t Waste Time: The early bird catches the worm in London’s rental market. Confirming payment with a holding deposit gives you priority over other interested clients. Once paid and accepted, the holding deposit moves you to the reference check stage.

4. Holding Deposit, Refundable or Not: While holding deposits are generally refundable, they may not be if you fail the Right-to-Rent check or withdraw your reservation. Ensure your provided information is genuine to avoid any issues.

5. Bills Included or Not: Most rentals require tenants to contribute only to gas and electricity bills, typically around £40 per month per person. This cost is usually separate from the monthly rent.

6. Council Houses vs. New Houses: During your search, you’ll encounter both council houses and newer, modern buildings. Consider the location and amenities offered, as council houses may offer lower rents but older facilities.

7. Budget vs. Affordability: Balance your budget with affordability. Determine how much you can realistically spend versus how much you’re willing to spend. Use our affordability calculator on to gauge your financial comfort zone.

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By offering valuable insights and practical tips, this article aims to guide individuals through the process of renting shared accommodations in London, enhancing their overall experience and facilitating a smooth transition into their new living arrangements.

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