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Over the past 10 years we have established a network of successful partnerships with the most prominent suppliers of accommodation in the UK. We carefully handpicked only the ones offering high standards, great value for money and an outstanding level of service and professionalism. Our Business customers can trust Room Club for their choice of:

Rooms in flat shares

Rooms in flat shares

All our rooms have great features which makes them the most selected choice overall

Central locations
Close to amenities
Excellent transport links
Fully furnished
All bills and taxes included
Flexible conditions

Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments

Perfect for professionals and employees on a short/medium stay

Prime locations
1/2/3 bedrooms
Weekly cleaning
Linen change
All bills and taxes included
Great for self-catering

Student accommodation

Student accommodation

Ideal for students and interns searching for a medium/long term solution

Many different locations
Ensuite rooms or Studio flats
Communal areas
Fully furnished
All bills and taxes included
Dedicated building manager


Our accommodation options are tailored to perfectly suit working professionals, interns and students. The easy and quick booking process allows our clients to spend less time on arrangements and housing, so they can focus more on their work and on other important things for their employees or students.

1. Enquiry – Contact us via email or telephone to tell us what you need

2. Research A dedicated agent will search our database for the best option, providing you with a personalised quote

3. Additional details and confirmation Once everything is agreed, the selected accommodation can be reserved

4. Assistance before arrival Your agent will be available for you to discuss further needs

5. Check-in – Experienced staff will receive guests at our office for a seamless move-in

What are you waiting for?

Read on for selected case studies and see how Room Club can help your organisation.

Case study #1 – Commercial renovation of a fashion designer flagship store

Last year we have been contacted by a company based in the EU, working as an exclusive contractor for one of the most famous and renowned fashion brands in the world.

The company needed to transfer 32 workers to London for a period of 3 months, to undertake the renovation and refurbishment of the central London flagship store.

The initial quote was amended several times to accommodate the numerous changes to the original work plan and a delegation of employees visited some of the apartments of our network to have a better sense of our offer. After this, the deal has been quickly finalized and the company was also able to sign the relevant documents remotely. A dedicated agent took care of the whole process.

During the works, it became clear that the workforce was not enough and other 8 employees were sent to complete the project by the agreed deadline. We have been able to accommodate the extra staff in the same area to allow the employees to travel to and from work together, since it was the first time in London for the majority of them.

In total, 12 rooms in flat shares and 5 entire apartments have been allocated to this company.

We have kept an open channel throughout the whole stay with the company’s head office abroad – this has been facilitated by our staff speaking the client’s native language – in order to ensure maximum transparency and solve any potential issue.

In a subsequent survey held after the employees’ departure, the HR and the workers alike rated Room Club 5/5 on professionalism, engagement and level of service.









Commercial renovation of a fashion designer flagship store

Case study #2 – Opening of a new restaurant in London

In October of this year we received an enquiry by a French company which had decided to open a new venture in London to expand the existing portfolio of 6 restaurants.
Since this would have been the first opening in the UK, their HR department has been very active in engaging with in-house talent, working in other locations, to offer them a relocation package to London which had to include an initial offer of accommodation.
The client needed to transfer 30 workers to London for an indefinite period of time. They required a total of 15 twin rooms, all in the same location (East London zone 2), within a determined price range and with flexible terms due to the staff being quite young (20 to 25). The most challenging factor was that all rooms were required within the same week.
The HR manager flew in to visit some of the apartments of our network to have a better sense of our offer before talking prices and conditions.
The initial quote was provided within 24 hours. After that, it has undergone several changes, whilst keeping its original main terms.
A lot of care has been taken in selecting the accommodation partners since most of the employees did not know each other and were supposed to share their twin rooms. The same level of care has been applied to communicate with the client before each arrival and with the staff – this has also been done in their respective native language.
We have followed the whole process until the very end, collecting feedback from all the employees. We did the same with the client, which expressed complete satisfaction and already contracted our services for their next openings in June and October on next year.






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