Abrir un Business account en Londres

If you are thinking of starting a Business in London you will need a Business Account. In fact it is simply impossible to survive without one! It is the main point of your finances where you have a trace of all the money that goes in and out of your business.

A bank checking account Business in London is where you receive the payments, pay the dependents and suppliers, manage the cash register fund and perform all those activities vital to your business.

Although if you do your business it is only important to have a business account and a personal account. In this way, in addition to being able to more easily manage the money in the account, it will be easier to calculate the rates you have to pay at the end of the fiscal year. The business account will give greater credibility to your activity and allow you to access loans more easily.

The question, therefore, is not “if a business account serves you”, but with which bank in London to open the account! Although it seems that there is not a lot to choose from, in fact there are many banks that can help us. With the arrival of the internet, this number has grown exponentially and therefore it is important to analyze the services that banks offer to understand which one is the best for us!

What banks offer in London

Before starting to compare the various banks it is important to know the services that can offer you

Bank facilities

DEPOSITS: The possibility of paying in cash (cash) and with checks.
WITHDRAWLS: The possibility of withdrawing cash (cash) from the ATM (automatic teller machines) or branch (subsidiaries) windows
PAYMENT BY CHECK: Some banks allow you to customize the block of checks by adding your company logo.
AUTOMATIC MONEY TRANSFER: Debit and credits directly in the current account.
NIGHT SAFE: Night deposits of cash in safe and controlled environments.
Balance inquiry and statements: Account receipts to keep track of the traces of your financial movements.

Payament cards

Company debit card: Every expense made with this debit card will be immediately charged to your checking account. Normally the card is free.
Company credit card: Credit card that foresees the charge of expenses in the middle of the following month. Normally you pay an annual fee (annual fee) and a commission for each use of the card.


Overdraft and loan facilities: Short-term financing.
Asset finance: Financing leasing to allow you to buy necessary machinery to grow your business.
Factoring and invoice discounting: Short-term loans for unpaid bills.
Commercial mortgage: Financing to help you buy a business. Many times the bank covers 80% of the expenses.

Other features

Deposit accounts: Many banks offer a Deposit account where you can park your money obtaining interest higher than normal account.
Merchant services: To be able to accept debit / credit card payments, it is necessary to obtain the Merchant Services. Normally before obtaining this service you will have to show that you have a growing business and you will have to pay an annual fee plus other commissions for each transaction.
Insurance: The big banks usually offer insurance that covers your business in case of illnesses, etc …
Support: Many banks offer active support thanks to specialists who will give you useful tips on how to get ahead with your business. Many banks conduct free seminars and courses.

Introductory offers: The main banks in London offer the free business account for a short period ranging from 12 to 24 months.