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London is a beautiful city and it should be definitely in your list of PLACES TO GO AND LIVE.  During the last few years we have written several articles about London and we have shared many useful information. If you are looking for a room to rent in London, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are looking for a job, visit our portal with all the job offers in London. We can definitely help you

Información útil sobre Londres
Here you will find all the useful information about London to plan in the best way possible your stay in the London capital, from tourist information to health care and the necessary documentation to transfer in London. The European driver license in London In London it is possible to drive with the European license, always if it is valid. If your...
The salaries of restaurants
Here are the average salaries for those who work in London restaurants! IN ROOM (DINING ROOM) Manager It is a very important position, in fact, an excellent command of the language and at least two years of experience in London restaurants. Supervisor He is responsible immediately after the Manager, therefore a good command of the language and at least 6 months of London experience...
Monuments in London
To visit all the monuments of London, it surely means a lot of time, not only because of the great city, but also because of the great number of works in the capital. Our advice is to take a little time and organize visits well, here are the places that you can not miss !! Visit the map of London's...
University in Great Britain. A guide from A to Z
Diploma, orientation and future The last year of high school is generally considered the most difficult year for students because they must take the state exam. In front of the fearful threat represented by the general examinations the reactions that are seen through the mass of students are many: there are those who kill themselves on books, who tries to...
Abrir un Business account en Londres
If you are thinking of starting a Business in London you will need a Business Account. In fact it is simply impossible to survive without one! It is the main point of your finances where you have a trace of all the money that goes in and out of your business. A bank checking account Business in London is where...
Open a Bank account in London
Opening a bank account (current account) in London is a 5 minute operation. Yet it is easy to run into any problem that we can not open the bill if not bringing batteries and stacks of sheets, letters and so on. Let's find out together what it really takes to open a bank account in London. The first thing to know...




How to open a Bank account in London

Opening a bank account (current account) in London is a 5 minute operation. Yet it is easy to run into any problem that we...
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