The unforgettable red double- or single- decker buses are seeing on the roads of London at any time of the day or night. These buses are running day, night and “24 – hour” service. Most buses start out their routes from Victoria Coach Station . The bus in London is considered to be the best way to see the city , many in fact prefer it to the subway which, although faster, does not offer the same view .

Every day in London 6500 buses run 700 routes connecting over 17,000 bus stops. Most of the main buses run every 5-10 minutes in the center of the capital, but in the outer zones, during the night or on public holidays, the frequency may be reduced . From midnight until 4:30 am bus is the only available mean, in addition to taxis. The night buses come into operation when the subway and trains end their service.

The buses that transit during the night are marked with an N + the number of the line ( for example, route 45 runs only day service, while the ‘ N45 carries out a service only at night). Then there are also buses that take place 24 hours a day . To use these means it’s necessary to have a ticket, which you can buy in vending machines , or if you are in possession of the Oyster Card or any other type of travel card you can use those. The Oyster Card is a rechargeable electronic card, a substitution of traditional ticket, to be loaded with travel passes and then to be used with appropriate devices on entrance to bus or train.

In a bus the Oyster card must be used once entered by contacting it with yellow reader that is located next to driver, who ensures that these operation is carried out correctly . If you have an Oyster Card you can take the advantage of numerous discounts on ” pay-as -you-go ” , as well as other discounts on all types of ticket passes such as weekly , monthly or yearly , even children , adolescents between the 16 and 17 years old and college students may have the reductions.