Juegos Olímpicos 2012 en Londres

The 2012 SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES, officially known as GAMES OF XXX OLYMPIADS, is held in London from July 27 to August 12, 2012. London will become the first city to have hosted the Olympic Summer Games three times, after those of 1908 and 1948.


The vibrant Olympic Village in London will be located at Olympic Park, Zone 1, East London. The area is now in full construction phase (Thames Gateway project). Urban redevelopment projects in this part of the city have been the winning card for the assignment to London of the 2012 Olympic Games and, in preparation for the Olympic event, new and large events have been planned. There will be 17320 beds for athletes and officials during the Olympic Games and 8756 beds during the Paralympic Games.

The village will include an international zone, where athletes can see their friends and their families. Each apartment will be equipped with all comforts and will also have the opportunity to access the internet through the Wireless network. Most of the athletes will stay in temporary structures, for this town will put at your disposal an efficient transport service. Once the Games are over, the city of London will transform the Town into a huge school core, which will serve the eastern part of the city. From the huge structure will be obtained more or less 4000 apartments.

Game period

The Olympic Park will be the center of attention throughout the entire period of the game. More than 180,000 presences are planned. The main venues are: the Olympic Stadium, the Aquatic Center, Velodrome and BMW Circuit, plus the sands of Esquerma, Hockey, Voleyball and Basket, which will be easily reachable by walking a few minutes. The Olympic Park, Loop Road, will be connected to all the venues, thus giving the athletes and the officials an easy and quick access: 80% of the athletes will be able to reach their seats from the Town in less than 20 minutes.


The provisional program prepared by the promoters of the candidacy foresees the start of the competitions on July 27, 2012 and the end on August 12, 2012. Most of these will be hosted among the 33 implants concentrated around the Town, which will emerge in the new Olympic Park in the eastern part of the city. The football tonna will be played between London, Birmingham, Manchester and Cardiff; tennis competitions will be held at Wimbledon and sailing competitions at Cornovaglia. The 2012 Summer Olympic program foresees 26 types of sports and a total of 39 disciplines. While the Summer Paralympic provides 20 types of sports and 21 discplinas. In fact, baseball and softball have been canceled from the IOC only two days after London has been selected as the host city.


The organizers foresee that more than 8 million tickets will be available for the Olympic Games and 1.6 million for the paralympics games. Those will be on sale in 2011 and at least 50% of these will be sold for less than £ 20.

Public transport

The Railway Park is served by 10 different railway lines, with a capacity of 240000 passengers per hour. There are many projects aimed at reducing traffic levels during the Games. Some concerns have been raised by people traveling to their own locations outside of London. In particular, Portland is an area without any direct connection to the highways, and with local streets that are almost always strongly congested with tourist traffic that is created in summer.


The symbol “2012” revealed by the president of London, Sebastian Coes, is the stylization of the number 2012, where the first 2 contains the word London and the 0 the five Olympic rings. Created by the agency Wolff Olins, it cost 400 thousand pounds (roughly 600 thousand euro): not bad, if in truth it will yield the 2 billion pounds in 5 years (more or less 3 billion euros) that the organizers are expected . And to avoid a flop, a spokesman for London 2012 is already prepared: “The symbol is flexible” he told the BBC “and will be transformed over the years”.

The logo for the Olympic Games of London 2012 has few hours of life (it has been presented on June 4) but has already discarded controversial: because it is ugly. At least so many citizens of His Majesty think, judging from the comments of the “Sport’s Editor” of the British sender, although there is the possibility that in the long term a post-modern work of art could be revealed and the millions of comments that have invaded the BBC. Not only that: a site has been created immediately to collect signatures – more than 23 thousand, increasing minute by minute – how many would like the Olympic Committee to return to work to change that “ridiculous logo”.
London will transform the town into a huge school core, which will serve the eastern part of the city. From the huge structure will be obtained more or less 4000 apartments.