Tower Bridge

London! European citizens see that clearly for the first time even before taking the flight to Great Britain, when exchanging Euro with Pound.

A Pound rates between 1.30 and 1.10 euros, at least at the moment . Everything costs more, from cigarettes to food , however, it’s important not to give up. There are solutions for everyone and for all budgets. What affects more is definitely the housing rental and the means of transport. In order to economize in London it’s not necessary to stay at home, it is possible to organize full days without having to spend a lot.
Starting from breakfast , you can choose to make it at home , or spending very little, just £ 2.50. In London, almost all museums have free admission , walking or lounging in parks , does not cost anything . For dinner , if you pay attention , you will find many places where it is possible to eat buffet meals at fixed prices. The cost that has the most influence on the salary of Londoners is the rent . But it is only the tourist to suffer, because British workers, of course, receive adequate salary. It is clear the English average salary is higher than for instance the Italian one.

Here are some examples for you :

Teacher 90/100 pounds per day

Clerk 8/15 pounds per hour

Secretary 9/12 pounds per hour

Receptionist 200/250 pounds per week.

Some economic supermarket chains where you can save money by shopping: Tesco , Iceland , Sainsbury and Somerfield are valid solutions and are scattered throughout the city. It is better to come to London with a good budget, but also with a good plan to avoid unnecessary losses. Relying on an agency like ours is definitely the best choice . Many nightclubs, during numerous events like fabulous university parties, allow to get in at really discounted price and to enjoy drinks spending just few pounds.