Regarding to the choice of room, London offers countless opportunities. Though, it is to bear in mind that it’s extremely hard to find a room with all the desired features, such as the preferred location, the price and the share mates inside. If you decide to rent a room in London, you always get down to a kind of compromise, such as to be be satisfied with the area, or with the quality of the room.

Obviously this statement is addressed to all those people who come to London to work and therefore do not have a lot of savings, and even less to squander. Certainly every housing solution has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are a professional for example, you may decide to rent a flat in the center, or to take a single room, to preserve your privacy, not sharing your space with anyone.

Unless you are in London to have language experience and to learn English. Then surely the best solution is just to take one home with the shared rooms. London is definitely one of the most advanced cities in Europe, and so it could happen to you to share apartment with English, Spanish, French, etc… and this will allow you to learn the language much more quickly, exercising always while trying to communicate.

If you’re 4 or 5 friends who want to get an experience in London you can also choose to rent an entire apartment and also pay monthly, assigning the spaces you prefer. In this way you’ll be sharing your room in London with your best friend.