The Phonecard calls allow you to call Europe (and not only, also Australia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Italy, India, Germany, Russia, etc.) from the United Kingdom paying much less than cell phone rates. (For more information, see the sim cost comparison UK).

What are the Phonecards ?:
Phonecards are used to call abroad at lower prices than those of normal fixed and cellular telephone rates.

Where are they:

In London, as in other large cities, it is possible that the Phonecards come to you “given” by the street. Do you have in mind those young people who, in addition to distributing flyers in oxford street, also give small cards of the presentation card format? Well, those are usually the Phonecards (phone cards) that allow you to call Spain from London! Another place to buy the cards are the various Indian businesses scattered throughout London! Here there are many types and honestly it is impossible to know them all. The best solution is to ask for explanations from the same Indian who is very well informed and will advise you the best card to call Spain.

How much does it cost to call Europeans countries?

The SMART CALL calling card (they have given it to me at oxford street! For free naturally = foresee a cost of 15 pounds for the first 10 minutes of conversation.) After these 10 minutes you will be given a new number to call that will allow you to to call Spain for 500 minutes with no costs attached Practically, you will spend 15 pounds for 510 minutes of calling, that is 0.03 pounds per minute more or less! The rate is very good if you consider how much it would cost to call Spain from a cell phone in London! The most economic system is the use of Skype, which costs 0.012 pounds per minute! (call from London with Skype)

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