Información útil sobre Londres

Here you will find all the useful information about London to plan in the best way possible your stay in the London capital, from tourist information to health care and the necessary documentation to transfer in London.

The European driver license in London

In London it is possible to drive with the European license, always if it is valid. If your license is about to expire, or has expired less than three years ago, it is possible to convert it to English.
To do this, they have to address the British Competition Authority to convert the licenses: The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency ( Go to the post office and request the modules to convert it. (Mod. D1 and Mod. 750 necessary to request the plastic card), send the completed and signed modules to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, with the following annexes:

  • The european driver’s license (original, not photocopy)
  • A passport (photocopy)
  • A 2×2 photo
  • The total for the English driver’s license card (it is in the modules)

Two suggestions:
Send the documents to D.V.L.A. (Swansea SA99 1BT) by means of the preferential post and put inside the envelope a second envelope with already the stamps for the preferential post with your address, so that in this way you can return the documents. Before sending the documents, make a photocopy.

The entire procedure will cost you between 50 and 80 £, and the waiting times are around 3 weeks. With these small steps you will be able to run around London with your car, but beware, remember that traffic is the opposite on all sides !!

Customs in London

According to the new ones, the customs will be authorized to control the people and their luggage and to kidnap the undeclared capital. As regards the sanctions to apply in case of crime, the rule establishes that it belongs to the Member States to decide them based on the seriousness of the infraction.
European travelers entering Britain do not have to make any declaration at customs.

This means that cigarettes, beer and wine can be introduced with certain limits. The limits are:

  • 10 liters for very alcoholic drinks.
  • 90 liters of wine
  • 110 liters of beer

Apart from these limits it is necessary, in the case of controls, to show that what one has is for personal use. For tobacco the limits are:

  • 800 cigarettes
  • 200 cigars / cigars
  • 1 Kg of loose tobacco

Who comes or goes to a country that does not belong to the European Community can buy in the duty free with the following limits:

  • Tobacco: 200 cigarettes, or 50 cigars / cigars, or 250 g. I gave loose tobacco
  • Alcohol: 2 liters of wine – 1 liter of drinks over 22 degrees, or 2 liters of alcoholic beverages below 22 degrees.
  • Perfumes: 60 ml of perfume, more than 250 ml of cologne or similar things
  • In addition to cigarettes, perfumes and alcoholic beverages, vintages can be brought with a value of no more than 145 pounds.

Different items or substances, such as firearms and fur coats of animals in danger of extinction, are subject to restrictions, but the normal tourist should not have problems.

Domestic animals

Since 2000, England has abandoned the strict norms imposed by the quarantine on non-native animals, and now dogs and cats can be brought from most European countries. There are some limits:

  • In the previous six months the animals must not have left the accepted countries.
  • They have to be at least three months old.
  • They have to be vaccinated against rabies
  • They have to have the microchip

Base Physician and NHS in London

Those who come to England to vacation or for a short period in case of emergencies can use the free NHS service (National Health Service) simply demonstrating with a document that is appropriate for a country in the European Community.

Those who live in London, on the other hand, have to register with a basic doctor called GP (General Practitioner) and will have the possibility of being cured by one of the specialists or recovered in a hospital free of charge, although the cures are not of a serious nature.
To have a complete list of the offices of the area doctors (Surgery) visit the NHS site or in the yellow pages in the doctor’s voice or in the zone library. Once you have found the doctor you will have to go to the office to fill out a form. Some surgery if they are full do not accept new patients, it would therefore have to go to another area office. As far as the specialists are concerned, normally waiting times are very long if the GP is to contact you, so we advise you to personally take care of the matter and request a private visit.

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