How much it costs to live a narrow month in London

London is expensive. This is the phrase that gives thousands of laps in the head and that seems an insurmountable problem that makes us think twice about packing and leaving. It’s true, the London capital is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but there are several ways to save. First of all, I explain what I mean by “living close”. The first month in London you will have to sustain a series of “initial” expenses that you will not have in the following months of permanence.

Here is an example of what will be the expenses of the first month: rent bond, hotel / hostel, duvet, towel, accessories for the house, eventual agency costs, etc. Therefore, after the first month, which is the most difficult from the financial point of view, it is possible to identify the monthly fixed expenses that you will have to support and in this way it will be possible to identify the minimum salary that we have to set as objective to not have that fall into “bankruptcy”.

Expenses of a medium-high profile

Expense type Price (in pounds)
Rent in zone ½ + bills + service girl 400,00
Monthly subscription to the tube 89,00
Food expenses (breakfast / lunch / dinner) 200,00
Hygiene / cleaning expenses (shampoo, toothbrush, etc.) 20,00
Departures at night 60,00
Unforeseen 50,00
Phone 10,00
Courses to improve English 200,00
TOTAL in pounds 1029,00

As you can see the total is a bit high. 1,030.00 pounds, equivalent to more or less 1,200 euros (currency with a change to 1.16). A high amount compared to a European average salary. What is written are the expenses that can be sustained by a person who has a good capital saved and who already knows English well enough to be able to find a job immediately (in an office a salary of more than 1000 pounds is guaranteed).

The first months it is important to submit an English course, because you will quickly realize that the one spoken in your country is not the real English (in pronunciation field, the greater use of contractions in the spoken language, speed in speaking, many grammatical forms that we do not know). Therefore, as soon as you rain, you will feel a little strange with your tongue, for this reason you are always advised to follow English courses. In this address you will find useful information about English schools in London.

Naturally, you should not be afraid of reading the total, but analyze the situation well. The rent, the subscription to the tube and the English course are three strong blows and if one does not get to move once in London you run the risk of spending a lot of money without realizing it (if it is not looking at the current account that asks piety!!). So let’s see how to reduce these expenses to do yes that finding a modest job as a waiter, etc. You can live in London without problems.

Expenses of a medium-low profile

Type of expense Price (in pounds)
Rent in zone 2 + bills 300,00
Monthly subscription 53,80
Food expenses (breakfast / lunch / dinner) 170,00
Hygiene / cleaning expenses (shampoo, toothbrush, etc …) 15,00
Departures at night 40,00
Unexpected 50,00
Telephone 10,00
Courses to improve English 110,00
TOTALE in pounds 748,80

The total is now 750.00 pounds which equals plus or minus 875 euro. As you can see, it has decreased significantly allowing anyone to work to cover the expenses without much trouble. Here is how all expenses have been “knocked down”:


The first thing to do is find a good accommodation in zone 2 well served by the bus. Many buses pass 24 hours a day (unlike the metro) and therefore you can easily go downtown at any time, so you do not have to worry if the accommodation in zone 2. The important thing is to have near the stop a good supermarket. You will not have more problems. Unfortunately at these prices you will almost certainly have to split the room with someone.

Bus subscription

As soon as you arrive in London, the first means you will use will be the tube and you will think: Many lines, many stops, 4 areas of London …. Help, I’m going crazy! “In reality after a few days and a precise study of the map you will realize that using the tube is much easier than it is. think Unfortunately, it costs, and a lot. Therefore in this house to “knock down” our monthly costs we will have to make the subscription to the bus! and when you see the bus lines you will think “… Ok, it is better to use the tube … It will cost a little less but at least I do not have to do a month of training to understand which line to take !!”.

Effectively at the beginning it may seem more difficult to use the bus but in reality it is enough to download the map of the area itself and study it with a map of the city for a few minutes. You will discover that with the Bus you can go to so many areas in a short time, also liking the landscape offered by London, unlike the obscure tunnels of the Tube!

Cleaning house

As you will see, the service girl has been eliminated! Therefore, you will have much to do at home!

Food and other expenses:

Supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco offer their own branded products at a significantly lower price than those of the brand. I assure you that these are all good quality products and that you can also find types from your country. You will not be disappointed. Here you will find an article that compares the prices of the most famous supermarkets in London.

Go out at night (Pub, disco, restaurant, etc.):

Decreasing the expenses of the outputs does not necessarily mean zero fun. There are many clubs that provide free admission and drinks at 3 pounds. What you will have to do is get away from Oxford Street / Piccadilly / Soho / etc.and go for example to Shoreditch High Street (above Liverpool) where there are places for all tastes (and prices). Unfortunately eating out will be almost taboo. The places where it costs less at all are the Oriental buffets, kebab, etc. But in any case between the food and drink you will spend at least 6-7 pounds! Many times it is convenient to choose the take-away and eat at home! You will save a lot! Reviews Restaurantes-Club-Pub-Londres!

English course

The English course must be done compulsorily, with a little more effort we can reduce the frequency hours and obtain good results anyway. Many people attend a one-hour-a-day course and spend another hour of the day studying English alone repeating the exercises done in class. There are also free English courses. For this and other information go to the section dedicated to the language.

CONCLUSION: Honestly it’s hard to live in London earning less than 700 pounds a month. To do so, you have to be lucky to find a very economical apartment (zones 3-4), make longer way in public transports and do not exaggerate with the nights outings. But do not get discouraged, almost all jobs in London will allow you to earn more than 700 pounds a month and therefore you will not have big problems.