Discount for students in London

Living in the UK is not convenient. But if you are a student or you are less than 26 years old there are many ways to reduce the cost of living, taking advantage of discounts for students, for example: in order to benefit from it, you only have to have a recognized identification document (eg, a card ) that your University has given it to you. If you are studying at any university in the United Kingdom, obtaining it can not be simpler: almost all institutions have their Union Students, associated with the National Union of Students (NUS). The NUS enrollment is welcome and the membership card will allow you to obtain discounts for students throughout the country.

Discounts on leisure time in London

Many vendors, restaurants and hostels offer discounts for students ranging from 50% of published prices. Some sponsor it, but most of it is expected to be you to ask for it. In general, most of the big business chains offer discounts on products such as books, CDs and clothing. Many independent retailers offer it, particularly in the university areas, but as it almost always happens, they do not tell you openly. If you want, local student syndicates can give you a list of the local companies that are part of the project.

Many bars and discotheques offer drop-offs for students, as well as most of the big movie chains, with significantly lower prices, get information from time to time on official sites or directly at the venues. Remember, if you have any questions, there is nothing wrong with having a student discount available!

Discounts on transport in London

With regard to urban transport, students are expected to discount up to 30% of the Oyster Card fares; For example, the weekly subscription for Bus and Tube (zone 1 and 2) you will pay 18 pounds instead of 25! To obtain it, inform yourself at your university or go to the website

If you are planning a trip on the terra firma birtánica, it is good to consider the Young Persons Railcard, a valid card for all rail trips that guarantees discounts for students and / or for those under 26 years of age.

Some tips

  1. Do not eat outside many times. Supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury can offer sandwiches or ready-made very good and convenient dishes. If you decide to go out for dinner, the pubs are the first ones to go so you can find hearty dishes at about £ 5.
  2. The money spent for public transport can almost always be a very expensive expense. The trick is to buy daily or weekly tickets. In the case of weekly tickets get acquainted if you can only use the bus, apart from enjoying London while you move, you will save a lot: the subscription only of the bus costs half of the bus and metro together.
  3. Choose carefully the tourist attractions you want to see, most of them are free but others can make you weigh the price of the ticket. If you do not want to lose your own, we advise you to buy the London Pass.
  4. Do not waste your money on the latest trends. London is a fashionable city, and you will probably want to buy dresses at the last shout, but beware, most of the time the prices of fashion dresses are not worth the product; look for something economical and that you like … here in London you will create fashion!
  5. Go to Harrods, but do not buy anything. Walk in the building and enjoy the magical atmosphere, especially during the Christmas period, or use the luxurious bathroom … this does not cost anything!
  6. Take a little time for yourself. You do not always have to do something to enjoy the city instead of doing uncontrolled shopping or visits that tire, sit in Hyde Park and enjoy the landscape around you and the environment with a camera or your favorite book. You will remember, not what you have bought, but the magical moments of serenity in which you can feel in a truly special luagr!