It is possible to go to London with 1000 euro

I think not to exaggerate saying that every day someone asks me if they can achieve coming to London with “only” 1,000 euro. Unfortunately it is not easy to find a correct answer for all occasions, but we will try to analyze your situation carefully to see if we can fulfill our dream of going to London! Reading the pages of this site HOW MUCH TO LIVE A NARROW MONTH IN LONDON AND LOOKING FOR A ROOM IN LONDON, you can easily guess how difficult it is to go to London with only 1,000 euros.

The answer is:
“It depends!! There are some factors that do not depend directly on us and it will be that 1,000 euros will suffice as it could also happen that you need at least 1,500. “

Let’s analyze why:
As soon as you arrive in London, the first expense will be accommodation. The best place to sleep the first days is probably “the hostel”. There you can spend an average of 20 pounds per night, which is not much compared to our initial buffet, but the problem will be when we will have to look for a room in a shared apartment where to live.

There are in fact two basic solutions:

  • Find a house that reflects our requests and comforts. These rooms usually come rented by contract that provides for a minimum stay (usually 3 months, but sometimes one is sufficient) and above all provide a large deposit (which in most cases is equal to one month’s rent) this case 1,000 euro are NOT absolutely sufficient.
  • The other possibility is to find a room that provides bail of only one / two weeks. Normally these rooms are managed by agencies that request a small commission for the reservation.

Let us make two calculations about how much we will spend to rent in the first month in London:

  • Registration to an agency 100 pounds
  • One week deposit 180 pounds
  • Three weeks of rent 360 pounds
  • Total 640 pounds

640 Pounds correspond to plus or minus 700 euro (currency with a change to 1.10). As you can see we have only 300 euros left that will be spent on food and transportation. The subscription to the bus counts 53 punds a month, if the first days in London you will be without a kitchen it will be a serious thing! But as you can see with 1000 euros, pulling the rope a lot, you can be in London.

To save some on what was said before we can move in two ways:

  • Arrive in London with the room already booked with the agency. Having your own kitchen from the first day of your stay will save you a lot and with a shared room it costs less than a hostel.
  • Find a cheaper room. The price of 95 pounds is the price per person in a double room in the area ½ well served by the means of transport. Going into zone 2 but a little further from the center and maybe taking a triple instead of a double the price decreases of at least 10-15 pounds a week. Make your accounts and see if it can be worth or not.

CONCLUSION: I think it is now clear why I have answered “DEPEND” on whether 1,000 euros are enough to go to London. You have to bear in mind that in that month you must ABSOLUTELY find a job and that in some cases the first “salary” you will see after 2 weeks of work. As you will see 1,000 euro is a MINIMUM figure and it is enough a bit of bad luck to go home.