NIN – National Insurance Number

The National Insurance Number is an indispensable document to be able to work in London. In this article the basic information on HOW TO GET THE NIN, ADVANTAGES and THE ANSWERS TO THE MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, are listed.

What is the NIN?

The NIN is a code associated to your person through which your boss can pay you the contributions of the National Insurance the English state. Without this document, you will not be able to use it properly if not for a short period of time where you will pay many more taxes than usual.

Useful information:

  • The code is composed of 2 letters, 6 numbers and 1 final letter. AA 123456 B
  • Keep in mind that the NIN is not a document that demonstrates your identity.
  • The provisional NIN does not accept it anymore (the one created with your initials, date of birth and sex).
  • The NIN helps you if you are employed or if you work on your own (self employed).

How to get the NIN

To obtain the National Insumption Number you have to make an appointment by calling Job Center Plus on the number 0845 600 0643. You will be interviewed, normally 2-3 weeks after your call, which will be made in your offices. (by phone they will give you all the information that interests you).
IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to bring the following documents with you to the interview:

  • Passport (you can take the National Identity Document as an alternative, but your passport is better)
  • Driver’s license
  • One or more documents that show the address where you live (invoices to your name / surname / English address or you can also take some letters received to your English address always with your name and surname naturally)
  • A document that shows that you have a job (letter signed by your boss) or that you are looking for it (application form filled, rejection letter of job applications of which you have been rejected)
  • Your curriculum in English

The interview lasts half an hour and will ask you several questions in order to verify your identity, how much you know English and your personal aptitudes.
It is not essential to know English well but if you have difficulty with the language we always advise to take all the possible documents to be able to demonstrate with the “paper” that you intend to find a job as soon as possible in London and that you are able to work. .
Therefore, do not just show up with your DNI, without work experiences and without knowing English! You will hardly be suitable!

Advantages with the NIN

Having the National Insurance Number, and therefore working in rule in the United Kingdom naturally will allow you to have many advantages:

  • Unemployment subsidy.
  • Paid maternity.
  • Work-related injuries and illnesses

If I return to my country

If you return in your country after working for a few months in London you can ask for the refund of the taxes you have paid.

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