Gatwick Express para Victoria Londres

Many Spaniards travel with Ryan Air low cost flights and arrive at Stansted and Luton airports. More recently the Easyjet flights are taking space, which with a better quality, has very competitive prices. With Easyjet the recommended airport is Gatwick, much more modern than Stansted and Luton, because it offers a very fast service to get to Victoria Station: The Gatwick Express.

The Gatwick Express is a train that takes you from Gatwick Airport to Victoria Station (central London) in just 30 minutes. The train does not make intermediate stops and I assure you that the difference between the Terravision / Green Line buses with this train is HUGE.

The armchairs are very comfortable, there is a service drinks and snack (attention because it costs a paste), air conditioning … I ASSURE YOU! IT IS ANOTHER THING ABOUT THE BUSES AND THE TRADITIONAL SYSTEMS TO GET TO VICTORIA!

Gatwick Express to London Victoria Station

Naturally the quality is paid.

  • 14.90 pounds one way
  • 26.80 pounds round trip

For me it is worth it if you think while you save and the comfort of the trip. To understand us better the traditional National Express bus will cost you 12.20 pounds round trip but you will take at least 1 hour and 15 minutes of travel !!

Another travel system analogous to the Gatwick Express is the National Rail. Unfortunately, this service does not have a standard price, it varies according to the day and time you take the train. The prices go from 9 pounds the trip up to 30 pounds! Therefore, you have to be very careful, if you book online you can save a lot but if you have to buy tickets directly at the station, I advise you to use the gatwick express!

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