Did you know that the London Underground is the oldest in the world and the first for extension ? The underground network of London, fed by direct current at 630 volts, was inaugurated on 10, January 1863 and has 274 stations . The London Underground records the excellent data for passengers safety , in fact despite being one of the busiest subways in the world, accidents due to overcrowding are rare.

This is ensured by continuous monitoring of the passengers flows which, when necessary, are restricted by reducing access to some stations. In 2005 London Underground was twice the subject of terrorist attacks, but these tragic events have never occurred since then. Throughout the subway network there is a non- smoking ban since 1987 when an escalator of King’s Cross Station caught fire due to a burning match.

London Underground network has 12 lines : Bakerloo Line, Central Line , Circle Line , District Line , East London Line , Hammersmith & City Line, Jubilee Line , Metropolitan Line, Northern line , Piccadilly Line , Victoria Line, Waterloo & City Line . These lines run through the city from 5.00 to 00.30 , crossing it from west to east , north, south and vice versa. All they are useful lines , although it may happen that during the weekend some of them may be interrupted due to maintanace works .

For example, the circle line , the oldest of those mentioned above, is frequently interrupted for maintenance , but this does not create insurmountable problems for users, it is important just to pay attention to warnings , so that you can choose the the most comfortable alternative way. Every subway station has its own characteristics , the stations of Paddington, Baker Street , King’s Cross , Marylebone are among the most beautiful and the largest.

A curiosity: the highest escalator in Europe is at the Angel Station . Public transport (with the exception of some rare cases) stands out for order and cleanliness , demonstrating the strong civic sense of Londoners, all people of different races but united by the respect for common comfort.