London is one of the well-known and most visited European capitals, and that is why it is served by numerous airlines such as Alitalia, British Airwais, British Midland, Buzz, Meridiana, Ryanair and Easyjet. Many of these such as Alitalia and Meridiana are standard companies, others such as Easyjet and Ryan Air are identified as low-cost airlines. Many people prefer to organize a trip to London with traditional companies as they offer certain services, such as meal on board, or much more comfortable seats. Others will prefer to save on the ticket and give up these small services.

However for many a low-cost flight to London is much more advantageous than a standard flight. It’s definitely recommended to choose a low-cost airline, due to the lower cost of the ticket, and because still today some european cities are not connected directly with London.

We can therefore conclude that as to the flights to London concerns, it is definitely one of the most equipped capitals in Europe. In fact, the emergence in nineties of European giants such as Ryan Air and Easy Jet have allowed to shorten significantly the distances between the various nations and as a result of bringing together the different cultures of Europe. Easy Jet and Ryan Air, not surprisingly are the major low-cost airlines which reach London and who serve it through the network of its four airports.