We all know that London is all about its vibrant nightlife. If you wish to have a memorable time in Shoreditch, then rest assured that Barrio East is definitely the stop for everyone who wishes to have a remarkable time.

I remember the very first time I went to the bar with my friends. At first, I thought it was the regular type of bar we see around in the neighborhood, but when I settled down; I realized it’s much more than just a bar!

The interior décor is probably the first thing that sparked my “happy mood”. I felt as though I was in Spain for a moment. The interior has the perfect touch of Spanish décor and seeing that I knew at once, Barrio bar definitely has something to do with Latin America.

A Latino style restaurant in London, you should know that every single detail of the bar has the powers to transport you to the heart of Spain. Set in a sparkling surrounding, Barrio East Bar offers Latino flavors and cultures. It is the ideal place for party nights and spending quality times with your loved ones.

The Scene

The bar spreads across four exciting areas. The areas I noticed were The Timber Yard, Downtown (it had the famous La Boca Boom Club), Uptown and the Tropical Terreza. The best thing I like about the bar is the flexible spaces it has to suit any kind of occasion or event. The La Boca Barrio side of the bar is perfect for people who love to dance. It’s located in the basement of the bar and it’s here that you will see a party coming into life!

Real parties take place here. You will see live music, the best DJ’s, bar and a unique dancefloor (the ideal hideaway for lovebirds), and everything you will need to host special events. On the other hand, the Timber Yard offers unique booths constructed from higgledy-piggledy planks of painted wood. Once I stepped into the area I felt like I was being handed an instant sunny holiday!

The Grub

A food Latin American inspired food stop, I was glad to see that the top picks from the menu featured items like Platano Frito and Chicharrones (Havana style pork belly with fried crispy plantains and bean black dip), tacos, tortillas, and so much more. The drinks were equally as mouthwatering. There were different juices, cocktails and regulars with the standard Latino touches to them.

I recall that I was warned about the special Ron Mocha Boca, because the waiter said it’s a drink that could turn my mind upside down, and yes, he wasn’t kidding! It was a boozy kind of milkshake, with blends of coffee, Santa Teresa rum, marzipan, and cream. It definitely took to me to a world of ecstasy.

I do hope that you plan to visit Barrio Shoretditch by yourself too and see what all the fuss is all about. Rest assured that it’s the perfect place to take your family, and friends. Enjoy an evening of great drinks, fun, Latin style cuisine and music that you wouldn’t want to miss!

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