Brighton cerca de Londres

At 82km distance from London, Brighton, in East Sussex is the preferred seaside resort for Londoners, easily reached by train or bus.

How to get to Brighton

There are several railway stations in Brighton, from which trains leave and connect with London. From the capital you can leave every half hour from Victoria Station with the fast trains of the National Rail that last 50 minutes. A little slower are the Thameslink trains that depart from the Blackfriars stations, London Bridgeye King’s Cross. The National Express and Megabus buses run a service with departures every hour and the trip takes about an hour and 50 minutes.

General information about Brighton

Brighton is a small city located on the South East coast of England, on the English Channel. It is located in the East Sussex region and is part of the unitary authority of Brighton & Hove. Historically, its economy was based exclusively on fishing, but Brighton gained fame as a tourist resort between the 18th and 19th centuries when Prince Regent (later King George IV) chose it as his preferred destination. The beautiful summer residence Royal Pavillon is one of the most important examples of the style created by it.

The two universities, Sussex and Brighton, make it a city of cosmopolitan air and lively cultural life. This reputation, which attracts many intellectuals and artists, and the pleasant boardwalk of almost eight kilometers make it one of the most loved tourist places in England. In addition to tourism, the main economic activities are the production of electrical equipment and the manufacture of metal.

To visit Brighton

The Royal Pavillon, strange structure in oriental style with earth and minarets and Chinese style on the outside, is the symbol of the city. Born as a farm and then transformed into a neoclassical villa, it began to assume the current forms with the projects of the London architect John Nash, between 1815 and 1922. Following the taste for the East that dominated the time, the architect added domes to the bulbs and minarets. The Music Room, decorated with nine lotus-shaped lamps and Chinese wall paintings, and the Banqueting Room with the painted dome ceiling.

On the boardwalk you can admire architectural monuments in Georgian style such as Adelaide Crescent, Brunswick and Palmeira Squares, due to the taste of the English aristocrats who made Brighton its summer home between the late 1700s and the early 1800s, following the example of Prince Regent. Following along the beach is the long Brighton Marine Palace and Pier pier with markets and games under a glass dome. From the coast you can also see the remains of the pier West Pier, built in 1866 and closed to the public in 1975, and was destroyed by a fire in 2003.

The Brighton Museum & Art Gallery has a collection of ceramics, dresses and art objects that go from the fifteenth to the twentieth century and come as new examples of body art. An interesting collection of natural history is found in the Booth Museum of Natural History and at the Sea Life Center there is an aquarium where you can admire species from all over the world. The city offers opportunities for shopping and for tourist visits, it is particularly pleasant to stroll along the Lanes carousels, the popular shopping area, which connects the main classes of the Old Town. On Saturday, the most remote area of ​​North Laine is full of life and markets.

The main theater of the city is the Theater Royal where the productions of the West End of London arrive. The other theaters are the Gardner Arts Center at Sussex University and the Comedy Arts Center at North Laine.

The beach of Brighton

The beach has been awarded the blue flag for the quality of the water. Especially in the area between the two docks, the Brighton and the West Pier you will find lots of bar, restaurants, nightclub and various amusements. In the eastern area, a sports complex has been developed, a field for all beach activities, from volleyball to frisbee. Do not miss a part of the beach for nudists, the Black Rock Beach, among the most famous in England.

The festivals in Brighton

Every year in May the city hosts the Brighton Festival, the largest art festival in England. The program includes many dance, theater and music events. There are also many parades like that famous children, pyrotechnic shows and the streets of the city visual arts in places used only for the Festival.

The Brighton Festival Fringe takes place in parallel with the Brighton Festival with street exhibitions and artistic events taking place on all sides, also at private homes animating the city for the entire month.

The other festivals include The Great Escape in May:

  • Legends club is a famous gay club, where DJs play house and commercial music. (Marine Parade)
  • The Honey Club has become unmatched by the mix of cultures, from the decorations to the best-known DJs. (214 Kings Road Arches).
  • The Funky Buddha Lounge is the smallest and most intimate club in Brighton. With its twin and underground tunnels a style of New York nightclubs is created. (169 Kings Road Arches).
  • The Funkyfish Club is described as the best club in Brighton and the best place to dance.
  • The musical genres that characterize it are Soul, Funk, Jazz and Old Skool Break`s & Funky. (19 Marine Parade)
  • Xfactor and Karma came together to make magical Valentine’s Day. The inmates are decorated with sexy furniture. The perfect place to go with the person you love. (Broadway House 3 High Street)
  • The Prince Arthur is located just outside the chaos of Western Road. It offers a relaxing and casual atmosphere, good food and a long wine list. It is also very close to all the attractions of Brighton. (38 Dean Street).
  • The Volks is an intimate place that is located on the Brighton waterfront. He has become an intent part of the Brighton scene. Known for jazz, funk, drum & bass and reggae music. (3 The Colannade).
  • Rik Tik has been serving coktails for years. Completely it is much bigger than you could think and it is sumptuously decorated with shiny leather chairs and design. It is one of the oldest night in Brighton. (18th Bond Street)
  • Koba Cocktail Bar is a private club, excellent for reserved parties, business lunches and weddings. (Brighton, E Sussex).
  • The Ocean Rooms opens on three floors and has one of the best stages for live concerts.
  • Pressure Point, located in the center of Brighton, has a friendly atmosphere and often hosts extraordinary bands. (33 Richmond Place).
  • Casablanca is a funky club in the center of Brighton, you can easily reach and play up-beat, funk, Brazilian and Samba music. (3 Middle Street).
  • Circus Circus is a small big institution. The large bar area has a great selection of drinks, the Thai coffee good meals at excellent prices. (2 Preston Road).
  • Javu offers a stimulating multitude of dishes, cocktails and liquors of first choice, it is chic and unique, more audacious classic. It offers an elegant selection of drinks and cocktails. (155 North Street).
  • The Zap, after a recent restructuring of millions of pounds, is now decorated with minimalist grandeur in the main room. (187-193 Kings Road Arches).
  • The Tavern attracts visitors regularly. The wooden floor, the stools and the style of the tables and chairs, give the place a trendy atmosphere. The bar, with its friendly staff, helps distribute a domestic atmosphere. (99-100 Gloucester Road).
  • The Volks has two rooms with two musical styles, in one queen the hip hop, bass and drums, funky and acid jazz, in the other there are live concerts. Organize fantastic parties on Halloween, Christmas and New Year. (3 The Collonade).