Cafe Bar, Discotecas, Clubs y Conciertos from A to Z

If you love the nightlife you will see that in London the possibilities are endless !. There are many places that every night offer the most various types of entertainment through different attractions and musical genres, here you will find a list of the best nightspots in the London capital … we do not have to wish you a good party!

101 Center Point Bar

It is not difficult to locate the “101 Bar”. Located at the base of the “Center Point” (which serves as a point of reference for the intersection between Oxford Street, New Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road and Charing Cross Road), it is filled, mostly by teenagers, especially during the weekend of week.

You arrive at “101” and two gorillas, with a threatening look, seem to make a slight selection at the entrance: it is at that moment that you begin to think about having reached the right place where to spend Friday night.

The sooner you enter you find yourself in an environment that is not even the most neighborhood nightclub, full of “marked” and trivial kids that do not even get to the Champs Elysee on Saturday afternoon, and you ask yourself: Is this the selection? After a cheap drink and a return to the post trying to avoid pushing and elbowing dancers exalted to the rhythm of a terrible hardcore music, you go to the exit and leak for Soho and …. You remember being in London.

And it is that, maybe the “101” has been just a nostalgic nonsense of that nightlife from which you have escaped months before …

333 Mother Bar

There is a particular air in the Mother bar. More than a club, it seems to be in one of those house parties where the guests are always many but fun is the mole. Exactly, I think this is a good way to describe the essence of this “hidden pearl” in the Shoreditch neighborhood, east of the capital. The “Spartan” interiors and the long lines at the bar do not demoralize the large number of young people who, above all after midnight, meet at this small club on Old Street. The musical program follows a little “naif” taste, you can switch from disco music to crazy rock in a few minutes. In short, a kind of local cult where you can spend a few hours, maybe clenched like sardines, but with 100% humor. Entrance is free. Advised.

Is not nothing but the Blues Bar
Okay, I admit … Or better, I declare: I am a very regular visitor to the “Blues Bar” since I have stepped on British soil. It’s true, give me the good blues and you will make me like a child on Christmas night. I can never, therefore, speak badly about this site. What I can do is invite you to come with me … He will be inexplicably exalted even if he is not a great blues lover. Without realizing it you will begin to talk with anyone who approaches you and you will probably end up dancing at a table to the rhythm of a 12-string. It will be to such a point that you will thank me, ordering me in the meantime to go and find another glass of that fabulous bourbon that you drink since we entered. Maybe it’s better not to let you know that here every night is like that, with live shows in jam sessions blues practically until they close. You run the risk of camping in a store outside of this small, dirty, wonderful corner of New Orleans in the heart of Soho. After all … is not nothing but THE BLUES BAR!


The famous local that for years has been the brother of The End, closed in January 2009, is frequented mostly by a clientele around thirty. The music is of the highest order with the most famous DJs in the city who pump electronics and house until late at night.

Cactus Blue

Difficult to define the CactusBlue in another way that is not a Lounge Restaurant that serves as Club of the South Kensington scene (near Harrods to understand us). From this part you discover a different London. Where fashion and love for luxury take over. The place to reflect this style offers sophisticated cocktails and chalices of Champagne instead of beer and Coca Cola. The place takes life during the week-end and lives instead a relaxed atmosphere during the week where you can fully enjoy the beauty of the bar bench, the paintings, the decoration in general. I have not tried the kitchen but it seems very delicious and varied. Naturally the prices are not suitable for all budgets. My advice is: if you are tired of the mimes of London, take a tour of South Kensington. At Cactus Blue you can start the night and then go to a real clud where you can download the adrenalinza accumulated in a hard week of work!

1001 coffee

In the heart of Brick Lane (famous for the namesake, east-central area of ​​the capital, the “Café 1001” is a hymn to freedom.) Built inside the old Truman brewery, the space certainly does not miss a local which is ideally divided into 3 parts: -l’outside barbecue, where it is possible to taste excellent meat grills in company, – room number 1, disco club & bar (with an excellent choice of sandwiches and drinks), room number 2 , with live concerts of underground bands that come mostly from the east-end part of London, the Bohemian atmosphere, the many leather sofas on which to listen to good music, excellent food (and free admission!) They make the “Café 1001” a must for lovers of nightlife, and you can not miss it!

Café de Paris

The Cafè de Paris is surely one of the most beautiful commercial nightclubs in London. The unique atmosphere is given by the place that has in the center a circular track with a lot of space but not enough to contain the thousands of people who every day enter this club. The best option has been the location because it is a very visited point between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, this way it is impossible not to notice the incredible row in front of the premises! The price is surely one of the weak points of the Café de Paris as it is one of the most expensive discotheques in the center, in fact they ask 15 pounds to do 4 jumps on the track! No drink included in the price naturally, a classic English style.

Koko Coffee

At the center of Cafè Koko a dance floor welcomes up to 400 people, but the most beautiful aspect and that characterizes the place is the balcony a little bit decadent, from where you can listen to the concerts that you do almost every night. Koko is one of the historical places of London music, here they have also presented the Sex Pistols, and always hosts surprise events, for example one of the most recent concerts have been Prince and Madonna. The price varies on average between 5 and 20 pounds.

Camden Roundhouse

Here was the first live concert of Pink Floyd, concerts by Doors, shows by Jimi Hendrix. All these names make Camden Rounhouse a place of the mythical past, but also the present until today fascinating, especially after the recent restoration. The audiotrio, a space of the characteristic circular shape, accommodates up to 3,000 people. Here you have many festivals with the best of the new English music. The price of tickets is usually 10 pounds.


The Cocoon is a Club that is two minutes from Piccadilly on Regent Street and although from the outside it does not seem like a big deal, inside it’s spectacular. The atmosphere is very relaxed with egg-shaped chairs, sushi benches and in the back of the room it is possible to find a super bar where you can enjoy fantastic cocktails. The main problem of the place is that it is always full of people. Many times it is visited by the stars (the last party was organized by the actors of the Fantastic Four!) It is for this reason that finding a position to sit down is almost impossible (unless you are not the invisible woman or silver surfer! ). The average cost for dinner varies around 50 pounds and it’s nothing special, but the place is fantastic!

Ditch Bar

The ditch Bar is located in Shoreditch Highstreet (on Liverpool Street) and is one of the places that from the outside does not seem like a big deal. Actually in the interior you will most often find an atmosphere in a youthful and relaxing atmosphere. The music is very varied and could say indefinable because the DJs change continuously. (I’m not kidding … At a party I went to the DJs were my friends and they put a little bit of everything, house, commercial, pop, hip hop, etc.) From what I see the place is very popular, also seen the cost of the entrance is only 5 pounds on Saturday night, it hurts that from the outside you can not see if it is full or not therefore you have to enter to luck!


Here is the most disconcerting disco in the city! The three halls oscillate between the industrial chic and the newyorkino lof of high borda. On the terrace dressed in green moquetee you can dance until 2 o’clock in the afternoon on afters of Sundays.

The music ranges from trend electronics to commercial house. The clients are heterogeneous and in their totality very cool !. A warning, contral anticipate the theme of the night and dress accordingly if you do not want to have problems at the entrance!


Fabric is one of London’s mythical nightclubs. The techno mix of the two main rooms are joined to the 80’s pop music of the third room. The decoration made of bricks creating the illusion of abandoned factory helps to feel exiled from the outside world, helped by the rain of laser lights that cover the entire environment. The music feels under the floor for a visceral sensation never before tested! What else to say!


Muscled waiters shirtless, customers in shirt hugging and a two-meter drag queen walking around the premises … Yes, you’re in a gay club! The room is huge and the sound is very strong, perfect ingredients to give the best of yourself and dance without thinking about anything else!


This former warehouse converted into a club offers an industrial style set and is among the most impactful of the nightlife scene. There are three rooms and at peak nights in each one you can dance to the rhythm of the latest trends. The music varies from Euro, to Urban to Reggae, a little of everything for all tastes. Among the most famous Djs that sound on the premises: Goldie, Fabio, Andy Weatherall and Groove Armada. (10-20)

Jazz Café

Despite the name, this fashionable industrial-style restaurant in Camden Town does not offer exclusively jazz music.

The musical styles come together in a pleasant fusion and while the solo jazz concerts are held once a week, the other days alternate afro, funk, hip-hop, R & B and soul. John Scofield has been presented here. The price of the tickets is more or less than 15 pounds.

Metro Club Blow Up

The Metro Club “Blow Up” is Oxford Street, practically distressing outside the station of Tottenham Court Road (Central & Northern Line). Despite the more or less “anonymous” entry, the underground venue (like most of the London clubs) is up to the expectations Characterized by the mostly young clients (average age 20 years) and decisively “alternative”. The “Metro” offers live music from Monday to Saturday until 22.30 to later become a disc from 11 pm until they close. Music programming varies from day to day, but “rock” is the important word here. Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Indie, Trash, New Wave … in short, the options are not lacking. And if you can also drink a Jack Daniel’s and Cola with 2 pounds without exceeding the budget, then fun is guaranteed!

Ministry of Sound

Pure vibrations emanating from SW speakers 2.5 meters high and a lot of DJ stars send hundreds of frozen hair into trance every damn week. According to the night, the music goes from drum ‘n’ bass to house. You have to try it at least once in a lifetime!

Notting Hill Arts Club

Positioned in the heart of the Nottign Hill neighborhood (which became famous thanks to the homonymous film with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts), the “Notting Hill Arts Club” is the classic club “as it should be”, that is, how be. Gestido gives a very friendly Italian, the club offers nights for all tastes and of decisively high quality. On stage they are among the best English underground bands, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. There are two of the best nights the club offers: the “Death Disco” every Wednesday and the “Disco Geisha” on Sunday, where a piece of Tokyo is transferred in this crazy London basement … It will certainly not be difficult to socialize Arts Club, especially if, as every Monday, beer and house wine are offered at 1.75 pounds per glass …

O2 Accademy Islington

This theater of perfect acoustics, with its 800 seats is the smallest of the O2 group. Although it lacks a bit of atmosphere, given that it is inside a shopping center, music is its real strength, due to the fact that it has been visited by excellent artists.
Among the many, Franz Ferdinand, Tom Jones, Kings of León, have appeared here. The nearby BarAcademy hosts emerging groups, which must be borne in mind. Tickets for live music tickets cost around 6 pounds.

O2 Dome

The O2 Arena, a stadium of 20,000 people, at the headquarters of the Millennium Dome, is already the location of the main concerts in London. Here have been presented in recent years all the most famous names, Rolling Stones, John Elton, Backstreet Boys, Scissor Sisters, Bob Dylan, Britney Spears, Pearl Jam. Tickets cost a minimum of 23 pounds.
In the O2 Dome, there is the smallest Indig02, which hosts up to 2,400 people. In this most intimate environment they have been represented: Prince, The Eagles, Usher, Estelle, T-Pain, Busta Rhymes.


If you are a regular visitor to the nightclubs, the word Pacha should suffice to make your hair stand on end. House music at full volume and dancing until dawn are the trademark and a guarantee of true fun. The clients are of the most varied and it is possible to find a character in Star Academy style,

Plan B

What makes the local Plan B unique is the number of people who encourage it. Brixton, a neighborhood where you have to be particularly attentive and avoid walking alone at night but it is also the capital of the nightlife of South London. Friday is danced to the rhythm of hip hop, soul, funk or reggae, while on Sundays it offers quieter music. If you arrive early you will have the possibility to enter for free.

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club

Gentlemen, here is the best place in London. Located in the heart of Soho, the “Ronnie Scott’s” is already an institution, active since 1959. Imagine sitting comfortably while you drink a good glass of white wine in good company and in complete relaxation with the notes of the best jazz available in the square. It’s like touching the sky with your hands. Jazz, as I said, but not only. Unforgettable concerts of soul and blues music (it should be noted Natalie Williams & The Soul Family, fabulous …) will brighten up your nights, especially after the typical, hectic work days in London. If the biggest ones have gone through “Ronnie”, there will be a reason. The interiors are elegant, the clients too, but it is an elite environment only by sight, no problem! The ticket prices are not very cheap, but quality friends of mine, you pay. And if then at the end of the night you find yourself talking to the very available José Feliciano or dancing on the track with international artists like Nate James to the rhythm of soul music, well … You will understand that you could not have spent that money on better way. A MYTH.

Royal Albert Hall

This fantastic concert hall in Victorian style enjoys an eclectic calendar that goes from the most important names in classical music to the rock divas. Here they performed only once, the same night the Beatles and Rolling Stones, have played Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Abba, The Who. The theater is famous above all for the Proms (Promenade Concerts), a list of classical music concerts among the most famous in the world that takes place in summer for eight weeks and is sponsored by the BBC. Tickets can cost between 4 and 75 pounds.


It is not true the atmosphere of this ex-movie theater a few steps from the King’s Cross station to be particularly suggestive, more in the Scala you can hear one of the most interesting music of London.
Every Friday is Popstarz, a set of indie, alternative and trash music. Saturday is dedicated to English garage music. The place is very large with a glass bar in the center that faces the stage. The tickets for the cocniertos of the biggest names cost 25 pounds.


Located near the London Bridge station, this place is frequented by a young but stubborn public. Their arts are proverbial and many times, in addition to techno house music they organize goa-trance raves or theme parties.


More than a nightclub this is a delirious labyrinth. Four tracks, four bars and a series of stairs where everything happens … It goes from the electronics R’n’B to the Chillout area in the subway. The clients are young, but there is always some crazy character and the possibility of having fun until dawn!

The Ghetto

It is a discotheque located on a street not very good looking, but with great personality, is one of the best known clubs in London. Normally it attracts a gay clientele but here the heteros feel very comfortable. The decoration is pleasant and the music varies from house to pop. On Wednesdays it’s a bit different because you feel the electro-punk music of anthology, which calls the crazy for guitars and techno beats.

The HMV Forum

One of the most notorious venues in London, the Forum has a beautiful stalls and a balcony from which you can listen to the stars of the moment and the unknown names of the London panorama. They have been Beirut, Jesus Lizard, Friendly Fiews. Prices vary between 15 and 25 pounds.


The four rooms regularly host the most famous international DJs of the moment, for the ecstasy of the 1000 people who often fill this temple of rave and techno-house music until noon on Monday. One of the best. During the week you change musical style with quiet tango nights, in case you are interested.


Metallica, Black Sabbath, Sepoltura, all the idols of the metal music fans are presented in this underground cave in the basement of the World’d End Pub in Camden Town. The venue also hosts more “soft” musicians such as KT Tunstalle and Radiohead. The average price is 10 pounds.

Wembley Arena

To be someone in the pop world, going through the Wembley Arena scene is mandatory. They all have sounded here. Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Kylie Minogue, Sir Cliff Richard, Queen, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Status Quo, George Michael, Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston, Muse, The Rolling Stones, Eagles, Westlife, Billy Joel, Diana Ross , Cher, David Bowie.

More the list is infinite and the tickets for grand concerts can cost up to 100 pounds.