The nightlife in London is vibrant and exciting, perhaps hard to rival by other cities. Whether you want a laidback vibe, or you want to hit the dance floor to throw off every ounce of energy that you have, there is a place that is perfect for you. Out of the many choices in the city, specifically in Soho, one of the best spots that you can check out is Cahoots London (King Street). This has been one of my favourite places for a drink for a long time now. It is one of my go-to places for a night out, especially when I have friends who are visiting.

A Unique Tube-Themed Cocktail Bar

One of the things that I liked about Cahoots London (King Street) is its unique interiors. It is tube-themed and exhibits a theme related to post-war 1940s. Stepping inside the bar is like going back in time. From wooden escalators to vintage train carriages, there are many details that will remind you of the past. In a city wherein most bars are aiming to be contemporary, Cahoots London (King Street) found its niche through its interiors.

Exceptional Menu for Everyone to Enjoy

At Cahoots London (King Street), you will be transported back in 1940s not only through interiors but also through the items that are available in their menu. I loved their themed cocktails. They are served in clocks, milk bottles, and flasks, among others, making them truly Instagram-worthy. Looking for another reason to visit for their cocktails? The menu itself is eight pages, which means that regardless of what floats your boat, there is a cocktail waiting for you to sip. They also have a wide selection of grubs that will perfectly go with your drinks.

More than Just a Place to Party

While most people will head to Cahoots London (King Street) for partying on a night out with their friends, I can also recommend it as a date place. It may not exactly be as romantic as a fine-dining restaurant, but it offers a unique environment. Your visit will definitely be filled with fun.

Let Me Share with You a Secret

Before you visit Cahoots London (King Street), let me give you an insider tip. Look at the back of their menu and you will see an envelope with the sign “Do Not Open.” Be curious. Open it. Inside, you will find a list of their black market specials. One of my favourites is the martini. It will be served in your table disguised as a trolley.

At Cahoots London (King Street), you will not only enjoy good food and drinks, but you will also have an immersive and unique experience. It is one of the best ways to experience London nightlife.

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