Cine en Londres

Are you passionate about cinema? Well, you find London is the right place for you! Submerged in the day to day of London, could not miss a space dedicated to the cinema. London offers options for all tastes, from the classic multi-screen cinema to the giant IMAX, the futuristic cinema of London where you can watch the movies in 3D on a screen 26 meters wide by 20 high.

Prince Charles Cinema Londres

Prince Charles Cinema London

It is surely the cinema most loved by the true followers since it proposes films that the big chains have not considered but that in reality turn out to be great masterpieces. The benchmarks of film history are projected every day (Scarface, The GrandFather, The Big Lebowsky, Taxi Driver, etc.). The cinema is also famous for being one of the cheapest in London with ticket prices that cost from 1.5 pounds !!

Address: 7 Leincester Place, London, UK
Phone: 0870 811 2559
Metropolitan: Leicester Square
Admission: from 1.50 to 14.50

Odeon Cinema Londres

In London there are more than 100 cinemas, ten of which marked Odeon which is a Screen chain that we know well given that it is also in France. The cinemas are very well cared for and all new, the problem is the price that is from 8.80 pounds for a normal show up to 12.5 pounds in the best room in Leicester Square. For any day of the week it is advised to make the reservation. If you can not book the tickets online, buy them at least 3-4 hours before the start of the show, but you have to be careful because unfortunately in some cinemas you will not be able to choose the seat and you will be obliged to drink 30 minutes of advertising if you want to take the best Market Stall! The possibility of buying Pop Corn, Sandwich, Hotdog, Coca Cola, etc. should be noted naturally. (Pay attention to the price !!!)

Address Leicester Square, London, United Kingdom
Telephone 0871 22 44 007
Metropolitan Leicester Square
Entry from 8.80 to 12.50

Empire Cinema Londres

Empire Cinema London

Probably room one of the Empire Cinema has to be great. But 13.5 pounds (20 euros) per ticket seems an exaggeration! But the room is huge contane 1300 posts and a THX implant of 56kwatt power! Normal rooms cost 9.5 pounds per ticket! For true fans of movies with special effects (how Transformers!)

Address 5-6 Leicester Square, London, UK, WC2H 7NA
Telephone 08714714714
Metropolitan Leicester Square
Entry from 7.95 to 13.50
Opening hours from 13.00 to 21.00

Science Museum IMAX Cinema

Science Museum IMAX Cinema

The IMAX Cinema is present in several cities in Europe and enjoy a large screen, usually 10 times larger than those of a normal cinema, and have the particularity of making you feel really at the center of the action, in addition to particular special effects and sounds. scattered throughout the room. Surely a different experience that you have to try but also in this case it will not be so cheap since the tickets cost around 8 pounds!

Address Exhibition Rd South Kensington, London, UK, SW7 2DD
Telephone 08708704771
Metropolitan South Kensington
Entry from 4 to 10
Opening hours Shows at: 13.05, 14.20, 15.35 and 16.45