The city of Cambridge

Cambridge is a small town in England, with more or less 110,000 inhabitants located half an hour from London. It owes its fame to the University of Cambridge, which is the second by title of old age after the University of Oxford, it is placed fourth in the academic class of 1007 of the universities of the world and is considered one of the best in England with its 81 Nobel Prizes. It is said that it was founded by a group of young people who, around the middle of 1200, escaped from Oxford and here they founded the new university headquarters. Because of the high number of students who live here, the nightlife is moved and the city along the River Cam is full of pubs where you can have a beer.

Cambridge is a city that has to be visited and among the main monumental attractions it has several colleges, very important from the architectural point of view. We remember:

  • Corpus Christi College, the only college built by the citizens of Cambridge
  • Christ’s College, university of the imposing architectural structure dating from the XIV-XV century
  • Peterhouse, is the oldest college in Cambridge built in 1284
  • Trinity College, is the largest in Europe and famous for hosting celebrities such as Isaac Newton

Among the Cambridge monuments are worthy of interest:

  • The Bridge of Sighs, covered bridge built in 1838 that connects the College of the Third Court and that of the New Court through the River Cam and that, by the shape and name, vaguely reminiscent of the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.
  • The Mathemathical Bridge that owes its name to the mathematical relationships that the pieces of wood that make up the bridge have together.
  • Senate House, built in 1722 and home to the Senate, has now become a center for academic ceremonies

The city is an important cultural center with its many museums that can be visited, among the most important we find:

  • the Cambridge Museum of Technology
  • the Cambridge & County Folk Museum, dedicated to work
  • Fitzwilliam Museum, for visual art
  • Museum of Classical Archeology
  • Whipple Museum of the History of Science
  • Kettle’s Yard, for modern art.

To get to Cambridge from Londra there are several ways:

  • Train from Liverpool Station or from Kings Cross to Cambridge Station. From Kings Cross the train runs every half hour and takes 45 minutes (if direct) to an hour and a half (passing through other stations); the price varies according to the time taken and the first and second class (19.10 generally, 30.60 price first class)
  • Bus from Drummer Street Bus Station or from Victoria Station. It costs less than the train but it takes around three hours.
  • Car, taking the M11 motorway towards Cambridge, at exit number 13
  • From Stansted Airport with the Cross Country train at a price of £ 12 for a half-hour time, with the National Express bus for an hour trip to £ 15.50.