I always used to get mesmerised by the James Bond movies and how covert detectives used to take on secret messages, deliver them and execute their high-profile tasks in suits, brogues and Tom Fords. I never knew that there are also other people out there who take these things a little more seriously than me. Live games are a niche novelty, and in fact, a niche already within a niche, with tons of sub categories. Some people get impressed by the Amazing Race, where they might have to run miles, collect clues, and reach the destination, while others like me want it to be more secretive like agents used to do in the movies.

Undercover is a Live game in London that I got to experience a month ago. For two hours you wear your covert suit on and turn into a detective with missions like collecting dossiers from anonymous people at the rendezvous, retrieving hidden things and getting on with other teams. What I have noticed is that these games are quite famous in other parts of the world too.

What’s great about Undercover?

Well, during my 2 hours play, I hardly got the idea who was playing, until one of the participants made a mistake. What’s the most important thing you can do?  Just blend in nice and you will be fine.

There isn’t much running

Another great benefit of Undercover over other live games is that it requires minimal or no running. Unlike Citydash, where you have to run like an athlete in your gym gear, Undercover is all about staying low-profile and even a sprint can get you spotted instantly. Undercover is all about going into stealth mode, being able to think tactically and solve riddles. As aforementioned, it’s all about blending in.

What do you need?

As you are a playing along your friends, you don’t want to be spotted right away. For that, you might want to use some props like a hat, moustache, jacket or anything else that would change your appearance. You will also need a charged smartphone with data plan activated because you will be receiving briefings about missions on your smartphone. You also have to upload photos, sometimes, as a part of the mission.

Who can play undercover?

Well, I am not a teenager, but I loved playing Undercover. Anyone can play this game who wants to get into the shoes of a covert detective. For kids, parental supervision is necessary as they have to interact strangers and even walk around a block on their own. I saw many kids participating in this game and some of them looked very young. There aren’t many risks involved, apparently.

You play in pairs

Normally you play in pairs or a group of three (if there is an odd number). I got there with my friend so we worked as a pair.  However, you don’t stay aside your counterpart.


Normal ticket price is £25, whereas, you can get an early bird price of £20. I would really recommend you guys to try this place.

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