Looking for a place to enjoy a variety of different and unique cocktails while getting serenaded by live music? Oriole Bar sitting gracefully in East Poultry Avenue London is a place that will not disappoint you. With their tagline “Wander in Wonder”, they have made a mysterious, magical and surreal atmosphere in this pub with their beguiling decor bathed in soft light. Oriole Bar (East Poultry Avenue) London is adventurous without being too risky, and it gives you a unique experience still managing to keep the old school London glamour and grace.

Food and Drinks

Oriole Bar (East Poultry Avenue) London has targeted sophistication in everything from decorations to their menu. They have added a contemporary twist to the traditional delicacies or Londoners to all over the world, giving you a menu filled with cuisines from different parts of the world together. For every known dish in the menu, they have added their signature mark to give a sense of uniqueness. The food you get is fresh, finely cooked and presented to perfection.

Just as you may have guessed, Oriole Bar (East Poultry Avenue) London has an extraordinary collection of wines and spirits, with well knowledgeable staff to take you through them if needed. They offer you a range of cocktails specially created by expert “mixologists”, and they will surely blow your mind with the uniqueness. They aim for a full experience for every person who enters through the doors, giving them nothing but the best food, drinks and music to fill their tummy along with the heart and soul. They do not pretend to be sophisticated, they are, and they deliver the same perfection every day with an only difference of getting even better with the quality of what they serve keeping in line with the sophistication unique London.


People are usually attracted to Oriole Bar (East Poultry Avenue) London for their atmosphere even than their food – if possible. The first glimpse of the tastefully decorated area with soft lights usually makes a lasting impression in anyone’s mind. It is the ultimate romantic spot for you to take your loved ones and treat them with perfect food and wines. Their attention to detail in each and every surface that your eye falls into is sublime. If you come to this bar expecting a regular London bar experience, then you are completely up for a treat with their elegance and world-class cocktail mixtures.


The staff in Oriole Bar (East Poultry Avenue) London is known for their friendly and easy going nature, with an added grace to suit the surroundings. They will ensure that you feel that you are served by the best, being attentive and making you feel at home. They know their food, and they know their wines, and they will happily take you in detail through the menu, which will make it much easier for you to really get to know what you are actually getting served.

Opening hours:

5.30pm — Late

5.30pm — 11pm