If you want to have the perfect cup of coffee with delicious pastries and a great customer service, then add this café onto your list.

I must say that I haven’t tried a coffee so rich and strong in my life before. I can easily say that Aneto has the best coffee that you can have in this area. How do I know this? Because morning coffee is something that’s on the top of my list. What’s different about their coffee? Well, it’s organic. Something that not many people take into consideration while having one. And I don’t prefer the conventional coffee that’s full of chemicals.

I had my first visit to this place a few years ago, and it’s when I discovered what a lovely and a cosy little place this is. Drop in to Aneto café ASAP and treat yourself with their coffee and French styled food that’s orgasmic and flavourful.

The staff is super-friendly, something that I really look forward to, especially when I am dining out with my family and kids.

For the aforementioned reasons, I visit Aneto whenever I am in Dulwich. They have simple and delicious breakfast. You can choose from different breads like plain, sourdough, wholemeal, and olive focaccia. I personally love the wholemeal because I don’t prefer gluten in my diet. These breads are served with jam and butter for £1.80. Another thing that I love with my coffee is the croissant that you can get for £1.40.

My kids really love their smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. What’s great about this place is its affordable prices. Everything is excessively cheap and amazing. There are only a few dishes that are slightly above £5. If you are up for a heavy breakfast, you can try their Aneto Breakfast that includes cured bacon, portobello mushroom, free range scrambled eggs, roast cherry tomato, organic pork and apple and cider sausage. This big breakfast is only for £6.90.

For someone like me who is on a special workout regime. These have fresh juices that are available only for £3. You can try their beetroot, apple and orange mix; or the carrot, orange and ginger. I personally just like to stick with the orange juice. They also have organic granola that’s served with greek yoghurt and seasonal home-made compote.

Getting down to the most important part of this read that is coffee, I love their double espresso that’s only for £1.50. If you are going there, try something from Mocha, Espresso, Double Espresso or hot chocolate.

Summing up
Aneto café may look like a concealed small café in Dulwich but it’s worth every praise for its extremely delicious food and coffee. Also, it’s one of the most affordable places in the Dulwich area. You really need to give this place a try!

Opening hours:

Mon to Sat
7:30am to 6pm