It’s my first time writing a review about Ben’s cookies, but not my experience with their cookies. I have been devouring these marvellous cookies from last few years and can’t tell you how much gooey and doughy they really are. I don’t profoundly love the refined flour cookies, and that’s why I love Ben’s cookies. It’s been a while since I went to Covent Garden, and the last box of cookies that I picked was as good as the first one.

These cookies aren’t thin like you get from Millie’s or a supermarket. They are chunky and packed with ingredients. Cookies are supposed to be big, doughy and yummy or they are just a despise to cookies.  There a variety of flavours but I must a confession that I haven’t tried all of them. Usually I stayed with the chocolate ones (Dark, white and milk chocolate), but they do have other ones that are made from nuts and fruits.

On my last pick, I got myself a box of seven. They included Triple Chocolate Chunk; Double Chocolate Chunk; White chocolate and Macadamia, and Double chocolate nuts. It’s the first time that I tried something with nuts because the cookie had chocolate with it. And oh my! There isn’t anything better that I have tried. Triple and Double Chocolate chunks are my favourite. Their lemon cookies are also famous, but I rather prefer to stay away from zesty taste in my cookies.

About the serving size of the cookies, they are huge, and by that I mean, they are really filling. But at the same time, they are so delicious that I could eat through the whole box in a go. But I don’t do it due to my ongoing fitness regime. They aren’t that bad even if you are lifting. Wholesome ingredients with flour, milk, nuts and dark chocolates. I have even tried a protein shake out of my cookies by blending them with my protein powder and milk. It was the best protein shake you could ever treat yourself with after a workout.

What other flavours they have apart from the aforementioned? They have White chocolate, Praline and Milk; Coconut; Orange and Milk Chunks; Peanut Butter; Cranberry and White Chunks; Oatmeal and Raisin; Ginger and Dark Chocolate and Ginger Ginger.

About the ingredients, I checked their website and these are the details:

We use Chunks (not chips) of delicious Belgian chocolate, unsalted butter; wheat flour, Cane sugar and fresh eggs from chicken who are treated well”

Also, these cookies are baked on the same day so you always get the freshest batch of cookies. Ben’s cookies also take delivery orders. They deliver through Deliveroo and you can place order from its website. The order takes 40 minutes to deliver as per the details on Ben’s cookies website.

Apart from Covent Garden, there are a few other stores too in London, You can find Ben’s cookies at Oxford Street, South Kensington, High Street Kensington, Shepherd’s Bush and Hammersmith.

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday
9am – 5pm