Situated in a cosy and comfortable location in the corner of Lincoln’s Inn-fields, Coopers (Lincoln’s Inn-fields) London is a small restaurant with a big personality. It is simple in its approach to food, turning fresh and good ingredients into great food. They give extra attention to each and every person making sure everyone leaves the restaurant happy and satisfied.

Food and Wine

Coopers (Lincoln’s Inn-fields) London plays around with their ingredients, introducing seasonal and innovative food items to the menu according to the freshest and best ingredients available each day. Therefore, you cannot necessarily expect one definite menu from this place, which is great for the adventurous foodies to taste the best of everything the city of London can offer.

Their service hours are from 12 noon to 11pm in weekdays, allowing you to have both lunch and dinner options if you are planning to hold an event like a business meeting. If you have any special requests for the menu, you can contact the restaurant administration and let them know, to which they will definitely attend without a hassle.

Coopers (Lincoln’s Inn-fields) London’s selection of wine is admirable, with a huge variety in price and quality in order to suit every occasion and budget. If you are not sure with which wine pairs the best with your food, do not hesitate to take assistance from the staffs who know their wines. When you order their specials in the menu, you can always ask them for any doubts or clarifications you have which they will happily assist you with.

Don’t forget to order Haddock and Chips which is a favorite in the menu among many regular visitors!


It is situated in a slightly busy area of London, but Coopers (Lincoln’s Inn-fields) London has managed to maintain a subtle family like atmosphere around the restaurant. It serves as an ideal place for everyone including couples looking for a relaxing, romantic atmosphere, groups looking for space and families looking for a friendly environment.


The staffs of this restaurant are admirable, greeting you at the door and attending to you without keeping you waiting or confused as to which table to take. They are great at communicating with the customers, especially if they have any special requests to be. It is a popular place when it comes throwing surprise parties for birthdays, what with the beautiful grand piano of Coopers (Lincoln’s Inn-fields) London playing the birthday theme in the background while the friendly staff attends to any requests by you to make sure you and your guests have a great time.
You will not feel as if you are in a fish bowl despite of the spacey setting of the restaurant, and the service will be gracious and discrete without disturbing you or any diners with unnecessary disruptions from the waiting staff.