When we try to visit the Drapers Arms (Islington) London, the trip itself is a wonderful experience.  The place is strategically located in a cosy, grand area that is teeming with greeneries.  It is also a great approach to experience the life of the local as they have a very diverse set of customers; they are serving people from all walks of life from different demographics; there were young adults, old people, students and even people who love dogs.  We had the opportunity to talk to some of the customers as we enjoy the occasional dripping of the autumn rain.

A Pleasant Experience in Drapers Arms (Islington) London

I initially tried some of their best tasting cuisine of Drapers Arms (Islington) London; The Salmon, which was cured in Cider was appropriately sweet.  The dish was served together with a huge brown bread and a pickle that removes the satiety effect that is caused by the sweet taste of the salmon.  It balances the sweetness and the spices which in return creates a very sumptuous meal.

After the salmon came the bacon and kale soup.  The soup of Drapers Arms (Islington) London was consistent and thin.  I enjoyed the smoky taste of the soup which is probably due to the bacon.  It was a nice new set of flavour for my palette that is apart from the usual taste of the soup.   Another one of their best sellers would be the Scotch Eggs, recently named as the best in whole London, so it is hard to resist something as this one.  One bite and you’ll know that the duck egg stuffed in a perfectly glazed dark pudding is definitely one of the best tasting dishes that you’ve tasted.

One of the downside of the Drapers Arms (Islington) London would be the fishes that we ordered.  I don’t know if my tongue is just used to salty and spicy foods due to some of my favourite dishes, but I found the fish lacking in taste.  It was soft and appears to be slimy.  There was a mint incorporated on the dish that just overpowered the taste of the fish.  I don’t know if that was intentionally done to remove the fishy smell and taste, but it is still lacking in terms of flavour.

On the off chance that you visited this place, one of the best dishes that I will recommend to you would be the partridge with pear, bacon and vegetables on the side.  The combination of different tastes and texture will truly give you one of the most satisfying meals that you’ve had in your life.  The Drapers Arms (Islington) London truly provides the best dishes in the area.

Over all, my experience with Drapers Arms (Islington) London is truly a wonderful experience.  The interior of the pub is outstanding and truly emanates a welcoming vibe.