Frivolous. Grand. Sophisticated. Unexpected. Unforgettable. These are some of the words that I can personally use to describe Experimental Cocktail Club (Chinatown) London. Originally from Paris and now with a global presence, including in London, it is indeed experimental in ways more than one. It is situated in 13A Gerard Street in Chinatown, which may seem out of place in its location. From the moment that you open its door until you step inside the club, you will surely be mesmerised with the one-of-a-kind experience that you cannot find in any other nightlife destination in London.

Look What Is Beyond a Nondescript Door

The main feature of the Experimental Cocktail Club (Chinatown) London is its simple door that contains no sign at all. Unless you know that this place exists, you won’t guess that there is actually a bar inside the door. Some people might think that it is easy to find, given the fact that they know the address. The problem, however, is that most of the doors in the area do not have numbers and others are written in Chinese. I suggest that you carefully take a look at the photo of the door so that you can easily find it once you are already in Gerard Street. You have to pass through several doors, and finally, an opulent place will unveil right in front of your eyes.

Subtle lighting, exposed brickwork, and colonial architecture are the highlights of Experimental Cocktail Club (Chinatown) London. There are two floors with a bar, and a look is in the third floor. The vintage feel of the place will transport you back in time. In the upstairs bar, there is a piano, which is even made better by mood lighting.

A Wide Selection of Foods and Drinks to Enjoy

I liked the foods and drinks in the menu of Experimental Cocktail Club (Chinatown) London. Nonetheless, like many others who frequent the place, I must admit, it is not as experimental as what their name claims to be. Nonetheless, they are still impressive. They have signature 1940s cocktails, and a wide selection of whiskies, gins, and bourbons, among others. There are also foods available, such as cheese plates. However, people do not go here to eat. Rather, they visit Experimental Cocktail Club (Chinatown) London to enjoy its cocktails and its unique atmosphere.

Tips for Visitors

Before visiting Experimental Cocktail Club (Chinatown) London, I suggest that you give them a call to reserve a table. Booking is not mandatory, but because many people are interested in experiencing what it has to offer, demand can be high. They accept walk-ins, but on a first come, first serve basis. At some instances, there is a doorman who may deny your entry by saying that the place is full, even if in fact, it is empty. Appear confident as you will most probably be judged based on first impression.