On my journey of finding the best tasting cuisine in London, my journey has led me to La Bonne Heure (Clapham South) London.  It is a family-owned restaurant that is focusing on French cuisine.  The layout of the local pub is clock-themed.  I had the wrong decision to not book in advance since I thought that the place will not be full during the early days of the week and in January.  To my surprise, the place is almost full, and I was just lucky to be given the last table.  After that, people are being turned away since they are fully booked.

A Chain of Success

La Bonne Heure (Clapham South) London is originally established in Paris, and since they are receiving too much commendation and success, they decided to open a second restaurant at Clapham South.  The clientele of La Bonne Heure are mostly French speakers.  Add to that the idea of £27 for the entire three-course menu and you will definitely get more excited.  The dishes that they offered are mostly affordable as well as the bottles of white wine.  They have a nice collection of the best tasting wine at the most affordable price.

Moments after the staff took my order, newly baked bread will be served to you together with a salted butter.  The warm bread is perfect for that season which taste is highlighted by the amazing taste of the salted butter.    With my order, I decided to opt for the Le Crabe.  The Le Crabe is a perfect match of crab meat, lettuce, tomato, and avocado.  The taste of the dish is great and is a great approach to start your meal.  It will truly empower your palette and will make you crave for more.  Another perfect way to start your dining experience with La Bonne Heure (Clapham South) London would be the salmon which has a special smoky taste complete with apple and celeriac remoulade.  I will admit that even though the salmon gives that great taste, I have had the experience of tasting some better Salmon in the past.

With my main dish, I tried to give the Le Canard ago, and it was brilliant.  The skin was crispy and has the right amount of fat at the proper location.  The meat was perfectly cooked, and it was tender.  It has lentils and baby beetroot that enhanced the flavour of the duck.  It was truly a great mix of the flavours that is not too overpowering and textures that will give you a palette exhibition.

For my dessert, it was truly hard to resist the sweet treat that La Bonne Heure (Clapham South) London is offering that night.  The Crème Brulee that is decorated with framboise and mint provides a satisfying meal experience.

My dinign experience with La Bonne Heure (Clapham South) London is all in all a worthwhile experience, and I will definitely return in the future to have a taste of their other dishes.  Someone told me that I should try the roasted lamb and I will, the next time I visited their location.