Average salaries in London

If there is a city in the world where work is paid proportionally, that is London. Many times it is spoken by only “having heard” and with phrases of circumstances “Salaries in London are higher than in every other state in Europe”, “in London you earn more”, etc. But is it true? How much can I earn if I work in London? Let’s discover together!

General information about salaries in London

Salaries in London are effectively higher than in every other state in Europe. The main reason is naturally the most obvious “Life in London costs more than anywhere else”. Nothing new until now. It is also necessary to say that salaries are higher because the value of work is recognized, especially in professional jobs. In fact for some professions where in Europe at the end of the career reach 40,000 euro, in London for the same professions you can aspire to reach 70,000 pounds a year … 100,000 euro a year!

Naturally before you start dreaming how to spend all this money you will have to work hard, because another difference is that in London if you work well, you are rewarded, if you spend it wandering you will hardly reach even half of a figure like that. Another reason why salaries are higher is because they pay less taxes … I know it seems incredible but in London they pay less taxes and the quality of life is higher, ask Valentino Rossi! (Big Vale, win for us!)

Table of average salaries in London

After so much talk, let’s move on to the facts. We analyze in this table the average salaries of London. The salaries reported are ANNUAL and in POUNDS.

Work duties Min Salary (£) Max Salary (£)
Waiter 15.500 21.000
Porter 14.000 16.500
Restaurant Manager 26.000 34.000
Bartender 19.000 25.000
Head Waiter 20.000 24.000
Chef 19.000 29.000
Head Chef 29.000 39.000
Salesman in stores 14.000 18.000
Fast Food 14.000 16.000
Web Designer 24.000 39.000
Banking 44.000 59.000
Marketing Assistant 26.000 34.000
Marketing Manager 34.000 44.000
(the table is constantly updated)

Indicatively 1 £ (pounds) equals 1.16 € at 01/2019. This means that a salary of 10,000 pounds equals 11,600 euros.

What helps me to work in London?

Knowing already that the salaries in London are higher than the Europeans, the quality of life is better, etc. A common question is “What does it help me to work in London?” If you came from an European Union state, you do not need any special permission to work in London (Brexit permitting). It will be necessary only to have the NATIONAL INSURANCE NUMBER and a BANK ACCOUNT that are both very easy to obtain. The United Kingdom (UK) is a state that works, for this reason starting to work does not require any bureaucratic process…

Follow the tips in the guide “How to find work in the area of restoration in London”

(waiters, chef, pizza man, bartender, porter, etc.).