Encontrar tranajo en el IT en Londres
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The dream of many young people passionate about Information Technology is that of Working in the City of London! Well guys, the dream can be realized, here are some tips on how to do it. Honest to start at once with the idea of finding a job in the City maybe not the best idea because the competition is very high and difficult to beat. It serves in fact an excellent knowledge of business english, an adegree degree (university diploma) and experience in the labor area of some years.

Here are the most sought jobs:




Job Offers Information Technology London

But for that reason there is no reason to demoralize, here is the strategy that you have to follow (which is the same one that I am following) to be able to achieve it: The first important step is to have a university degree or a solid knowledge of the computer world with experience of several years. Without these two requirements it will be difficult, but it also depends on the type of work you are looking for (for web designers it is a separate speech)

Prepared the base by which to start you will simply have to register to the portals with announcements in the world of Computing. I am enrolled in more than 40 of these sites! (no kidding) But here are the ones I found most interesting:

  • Careerjet The site is built through a spider that finds offers watered by the network. It is very useful and effective and it is very easy to find the best opportunities that you have probably not seen daily controlling the other sites.
  • TheITjobBOARD Site not very nice but it works. It offers many opportunities for all of Europe, especially for Brussels that can be a good match to start a project work.
  • Monster No need presentation. But you have to keep in mind, according to me, that it does not offer great opportunities in the computer world. Your CV will have a very high visibility, therefore it is mandatory to register!
  • Reed One of my favorites! lets see how many people have responded to the announcement by endes you will know how much competition you will have !!
  • London Jobs Portál specialized in work in London.
  • Cwjobs It is considered the best place for the search of Information Technology. Honestly, I do not like it very much, but the jobs that count are on this site.

After having registered your resume, you have to start once and for all by attaching the APPLICATION to all the Jobs that interest you. If you really want to start working at any cost in London I advise you to try it for a couple of weeks and if you see that after two weeks you have not found free positions that stick with your profile, move around the rest of Europe, naturally to projects in English. In this mode you will make the experience that will be necessary to enter the City. The most famous cities are Doublin and Brussels. The first is surely the city objectively more beautiful and more adapted to young people while the second is the European capital and therefore most of the negotiations go through those parts. The problem in Brussels is that they often request other languages such as French (French) and Dutch (Dutch). ALL the offers you will receive it by TELEFÓNICA, therefore you will have to have the cell phone in hand (naturally UK number if you will not be called by anyone). The schedule in which you will call normally is between 11.00 and 18.00 from Monday to Friday.

After you have moved (upload curriculum, application to jobs that interest you) you will just have to wait and control the new work proposals every day. It can also be useful to register in the Agency’s sites, to discover which agencies are dealing with the languages you know, it is convenient to look for the ads of sites that I have written before to later search the site directly from the Agency. In this mode you can directly send your CV (resume) accompanied by a cover letter in which you will explain what kind of experience you have and what job you are looking for.

Telephone Interview Tips:

The first contact will be by telephone and therefore you will have to be always ready. If you are on a bus or in a place full of people and you can not understand very well the person you have on the phone, say so but do not ask if you can call later because they often do not! These are the questions that will make you:

First question: Are you looking for a job? (Are you looking for a job?) … the answer always has to be YES, in a definite way! Once this is done, you will be asked some information about your experiences. You have to be careful because sometimes you will ask questions that you already know because they have read them in the CV. The reason is simple: Verify your English and that you have not lied on the CV!

At the end of the call they will explain what kind of work they have for you and if they can send you CV to society. The best solution is that they send you the JOB SPEC in order to have all the information about the worker before saying that you are intyeted in the thing. In this mode you will have more time to reason and understand effectively if it can be a job adapted to you or not. The email usually comes the same day (maybe I’ll give 2-3 hours). It is very important to keep in mind the salary you will request (RATE). If it is your first experience documéntate in internet but the important thing is not to be uncertain. If you ask yourself how much you were earning before, do not last long to answer because they may think you are lying.

How much is earned in London in the IT world?

That is why it is worth working in the United Kingdom. The salary is almost double that in the rest of Europe and less taxes are paid! Here is the tablet of the Average salaries in London in the field of INFORMATION Technlogy!