Cómo superar una entrevista de trabajo

The moment of the interview always scares everyone. Although only a wrong answer can compromise the good result of the interview! Here is a list of tips to follow to be always ready!


It is essential to always be ready for a job interview, as your security to the possible answers is in itself a demonstration of the knowledge of the sector. Let’s analyze the different options now:

Know yourself:

  • Know your own points of strength and weak
  • Think about what are the objectives to achieve in the short and long term
  • Create an evaluation of yourself based on the positions you are looking for
  • Ask yourself the reason why you should take it
  • Remember that during an interview you are selling

Know the Company

  • Use a library to see annual reports, read articles, specialized magazines in the sector,
  • Internet reports information on regulations and industrial statistics
  • Know the articles in production, in which markets it develops
  • Explain the motivations that lead you to work for that company

Know the Curriculum

  • Read the curriculum several times and make sure all the information is correct
  • Be ready to use experiences from your life that highlight your potential
  • Observe the positions that you covered in previous companies
  • Examine your knowledge and language properties

Documents to take to the interview

  • Three references from work colleagues or managers who were part of the last three companies in which you have worked, including: the name of the reference person, the company and your telephone contact
  • Before giving information about other people, ask for permission


  • Control the curriculum and be prepared to discuss each part of it
  • Always carry with you an authentic copy of the curriculum
  • Bring examples of your work, and if possible, without giving private information

Other objects

  • Take with you a block notes that you can use to write eventual notes
  • Be sure to bring with you the address of the headquarters in which the interview will be developed, along with the company’s telephone number and the name of the person who will do the interview.

The interview

  • Give a good impression
  • Be on time to the appointment or a few minutes before. The delay is not accepted.
  • Always give thanks for the dedicated time
  • Follow carefully the course of the interview, according to your questions

Body language

  • Firmly shake hands
  • Wait to be offered the chair before you sit down
  • Sit in the right way in how to seem interested
  • Try to be as charismatic as possible, it is very important to demonstrate your own personal qualities during the interview
  • Listen carefully but respond appropriately
  • Smile and maintain visual contact with your interlocutor
  • If the interview is done by more than one person, keep the eye contact with the person asking the questions

Questions to which you will have to be ready to answer:


  • Answer the questions based on the position you are looking for
  • Do not speak ill of the jobs you have done previously
  • “Tell me something about you” means “Tell me something about your grades”
  • Who does the interview likes to listen to qualities such as discipline, the desire to work quickly and hard

What are your biggest weaknesses?

Do not be intimidated The interviewer often wants to make sure he does not make a mistake by hiring you. This is not the right time to confess your sins. Make up any phrase of effect like “sometimes working very hard means doing things very well”

What do you do in your free time?

The alcolics are not always the best workers. Present your person as full of interests, maybe mentioning a hobby.

Why are you so interested in this position?

Express how versatile you can be, but at the same time declare that you are completely convinced that you will cover that position by devoting more attention to any other.

Why do you want to work for this company?

Here is where you should start with a long monologue of praise for the company, expressing satisfaction for the results obtained by it. The quality of the product sold is always an excellent possibility to show your preparation, both on a personal and on a job level. The search for information about a company gives its greatest benefits here.

What do you think about converting in 5 years?

Explicit, do not doubt, you have already planned all your next years in that company and you know very well that the investments you will face in addition to the benefits they will get. But never say that you will obtain in a shorter period of time a better position regarding who is interviewing you, you could be offended.

What are your goals?

Short Term: I want to be the best in this section and at the same time learn new methods, strategies, versions to be able to compete with greater responsibilities.

Long Term: After having demonstrated my abilities, I can imagine the promotion at the management level.

Why are you looking for another job?

Again, be positive. “I would like to say that I really like to work for … there are a lot of good people, but at the moment I’m looking for an organization that works in a wider sector and that has more career opportunities and recognition. I’m looking for a group that can really improve my skills “

Have you already done some interviews for other companies?

In your answer, try to understand that you have sent other requests but for the same position. This shows that you have a very precise objective. Hidden with not much conviction your security in being able to find a better job possibility thanks to your abilities. Attention not to exceed to not give the impression of being in a large shopping center, where many times can get to confuse the customer.

In what way do you perform?

Prepare two stories about your previous work that indicate your determination in minimizing the costs of the group, in increasing productivity and in the search for frequent promotions.

What kind of worker are you?

Again, nobody is perfect. You dedicate all your self in the resolutions of possible problems

Other questions with which you can find yourself are:

  • Are you available to move, travel more or less frequently?
  • Can we control your references?
  • Can we verify your tickets?

Answer this question with extreme sincerity. If there is a pause between one question and another, keep calm. The interviewer vecec maintains silence to see how you behave and if you maintain your position.

Some questions that you might ask are:

  • What are the most difficult aspects for this position?
  • Could you describe a typical work day?
  • Who will I work for and who did I work with directly?
  • Why do they have this position available?
  • In what way is the position integrated into its structure?
  • What programs and courses do you have to advance in the career?
  • What are your future development plans?
  • What reasons have motivated her to work for this company?

Reason why they may not call you:

  • Low attitudes: Many candidates are arrogant. The interviewers can be, you can not.
  • Appearance: many candidates do not realize that the first appearance is essential in an interview that can sometimes last a maximum of twenty minutes.
  • Laguna in the search: it is normal that they do not call you if you are not well informed about the company, the position that you will cover, the goals reached by the group, etc …
  • Do not have any questions to ask: Ask, show your interest in the company
  • Do not know the answers to the questions: especially if they have to do with you, your past experiences, you have to prove yourself ready.
  • Maybe you get help from a friend by simulating a case interview.
  • Too much humility: Try to throw out your best qualities, maybe with an anecdote about how you have solved a problem in a brilliant way without asking for help from anyone.
  • Not having the right requirements: if you do not have the requirements that the agency requests but you are very convinced of wanting that job, well this is the moment in which one should give the best of himself. Already a possible contract will be for you a goal achieved.
  • Question about salary: candidates always ask how much salary and bonuses will be too early. Do not ask for exaggerated figures if you think that the company is interested in you, they know how much they can spend and a very high possible request can cause them to back off, without leaving a second chance.
  • Gaps on your expectations: not knowing what you want to do and where you want to arrive is a waste of time for anyone