Tasks and salaries in London Hotels

The salaries of the jobs that are carried out in the Hotels vary a lot based on where they are and the type of service they offer to the clients. It starts from 120 pounds for the Chamberboy / Chambermaid to a maximum of 300 pounds for the Concierge, Receptionist, Porter, Night Porter.

ConciergeIt takes care of hosting customers. A command of the English language and experience in the sector is required, possibly in England.
ReceptionistIt is a job where they request for the most part women with at least two languages and experience.
PorterIt takes care of accompanying the clients to the rooms themselves depositing their suitcases. You need an intermediate command of the English language and experience at least in your own country.
Night PorterIt requires the same as the day Porter, the substantial difference is that you earn more working at night.
Chambermaid / ChamberboyVery simple work, especially for women. It works many times only in the morning. The job is to clean the rooms and sometimes take care of the customers’ breakfast.