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What To Expect When Studying in London

Posted by localinsights on 23/12/2021
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It is not surprising that London is such a popular city for people to live and study. With some of the best university institutions in the whole world, international students flock to the UK capital keen to take their place and a first-class learning opportunity. Many of them will be arriving in the UK for the first time and will never have stayed in London before, so what can you expect from this historical capital city? The living costs One of the first things that many people need to do is find a room for rent. You will quickly realise that London is an expensive place to live. However, the experiences you will have to make this a valuable life experience. Rental listings can move rapidly, so you need to keep on top of your search. The tube system makes commuting really easy, so you don’t necessarily need to live right on top of your education campus. Prices do get slightly cheaper if you’re prepared to have a longer commute in the mornings. The size of London Although people realise that London is a city, it is often underestimated in terms of size. London ranks as the third biggest European city, and over 9 million people live in the capital. It is always busy; it doesn’t matter what time of day or night it ranks from busy to extremely busy but never quiet. You will have to learn quickly to negotiate crowds and find your way around. You can walk, use the tube, or catch buses but whatever your chosen mode of transport, an Oyster card is a must, and as a student, you will get a 30% discount on your travel cards and passes when you have your Oyster card. The icons and attractions While you are in London, make time to have a good look around. Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and many other world-famous landmarks are all located here. Most people who come to live in London, even if they stay for many years, do the tourist thing in the first few months as it is fascinating to learn about the history. Modern attractions like the London Eye are also worth a visit, as is the myriad of entertainment on offer in the West End, The Globe, or The Old Vic. Some of the most popular musicals run in the West End for many years; you will also find concerts, plays, and much more. The opportunities Once you have finished your university degree or college course, you will also find that London is the perfect place to begin a career in many areas. In terms of finance and commerce, there are plenty of businesses prepared to offer work experience and internships to newly qualified students.  And such are the reputations of these companies, that being able to cite them on your CV will put you in excellent stead for careers all over the world. Of course, these are prestigious opportunities in high demand, so good grades from your chosen university will be necessary.

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