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What is a flatshare?

What does flatsharing mean?

When two or more people live in the same flat (or house), they share the property. This is called, you guessed it, flatsharing.

Everyone has got their own bedroom, of course, and the use of the kitchen, the bathroom and every other area (living room, garden, etc.) is shared between all the people who live in the apartment.

Why should I share a flat?

  • to save money!
  • to meet new people!
  • to improve your english!

Well, there are many reasons for that. The most important is definitely the money factor: London is the most expensive city in Europe, so renting a flat on your own is very difficult and costs a lot, and over 70% of the people in London can not afford it.

Flatsharing allows almost everyone to live in a nice and comfortable place in a good location without paying excessive prices, so there is still money left to enjoy what London has to offer.

Another reason is the social life in the flat: living with others means meeting new people, exploring different ways of life and learning new cultures. It’s one of the easiest way to make friends and, if you are here to learn or improve your English, the best method to practise your language skills!

So what will it be like?

You will share an apartment with people from all over the world, mainly students or professionals from different sectors.

Everyone will be within the same age group, so there will be less trouble and it will be even easier to have fun, go out, socialize and get together. You and the other flatmates will also have to share some duties: cleaning, running the house and make sure everything goes well without problems.

Ok, so why RoomClub?

In a few words: we will take care of everything for you. Just tell us what you are looking for (type of room, location, price, date, etc.) and we will find some good options that will fit your needs.

You will go and see the apartments and if you like what you see we will reserve the room for you. The process is very easy and quick.

There will be nothing to worry about for you, we will try and find a solution for all your requirements in a fast and effective way. Our unique approach will let you try the selected room for 5 weeks, and after you can decide if you want to keep the same room or you want to move to a different one.

Our conditions are the best in the market, and we are active in London since 2008, with an office open every day where you can meet our staff and discuss your needs without being afraid of all the scams and fake advertisements around (unfortunately this is very common in London: be careful and only speak to professionals like us).

So for any room you are looking for, just get in touch. You won’t be disappointed!

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