How much it costs to live a narrow month in London

London is the richest city of opportunities in all of Europe, and to the best of the entire world. Here you come to roll up your sleeves and give a little boost to your own career, whatever the sector to which you belong. Many have started from below, perhaps from the simple dishwasher, reaching salaries of the first order. All that is needed is to take the opportunities that this great giant in continuous movement leaves throughout its course, starting from here.

Internships in London

In recent times it is fashionable, among young people to do internships abroad, considered that little more that increases the chances of realizing professional dreams. Doing a practice abroad is a perfect combination because, if on the one hand it increases your professional abilities, on the other hand it gives you the possibility of entering a different world. If then the practice (called “INTERNSHIP”) is done in London, everything is better, as London is the world capital of the economy and because English is spoken.

You will enrich your curriculum, you will obtain attestations, references and contacts that will be useful in your professional life. This type of experience does not foresee profitable compensations, companies if they wish, they will give you a small sum or they can choose to pay for transportation costs and meals. What they request is commitment, availability, not underestimating your work, everything you will do will serve to improve you.

Fortunately there are many useful sources to collect information, so who decides autonomously to face a practice should do nothing but connect to the Internet. All associations have their website in which you can get the information you need. Next we show you a good website full of information:

It is a possibility that is open to everyone, particularly those who have already finished their studies or are about to do so, in fact they will be able to use the numerous opportunities offered by the university. All the universities are organized in such a way as to have an international relations area with which the participation to the programs instituted by the European community is promoted.

Students from European universities can take advantage of ERASMUS LLP and Leonardo da Vinci, so that together with the advantages given by the experience of the internship in London, the tutelage of the University joins. In this case you will receive a scholarship from the EEC that will cover the expenses you will have to support.

The dream of finding a job in London just after graduating

I believe that it is the dream of all graduates just to find the first job in a stimulating city like London or somewhere in Europe in order to build a solid future. Let’s discover together how to realize this dream. My advice is naturally that of starting as soon as you have graduated. It is important not to waste time and above all to be always ready.

1 – Curriculum in English:

It seems the most trivial point but it is not absolutely. Having a good resume in English and a good cover letter is the first step to be accepted in a job interview. To have clear ideas on how to do it, I recommend reading the article “How to prepare a perfect curriculum in English” and prepare a curriculum in English.

2 – Register your own curriculum in special sites:

Although if it is always worth thinking about uploading your resume in the classic sites to look for work (Monster, Reed, etc.) it is essential to identify the sites that offer job opportunities to the neo-graduates. These work degertas are in fact specific for those who have barely got a diploma but have no work experience. The best site is probably As you can see, it is possible to carry out different searches in the already announced articles where various information about the work is specified: es. Months of training, Case Study, etc. Other sites that offer excellent opportunities are those of the large multinational companies.

In the websites of these companies in fact it is possible to insert the curriculum itself and make a candidacy for open positions for those who have just left the university. In London, as in the rest of the world, a work experience is not requested from a neo-graduate and also from companies there is more willingness to take a job. neo laureato what a professional in the sector.

3 – Be always ready:

It is true that we are talking about jobs for which an experience is not requested but for this reason we must not rest on our laurels. Since the first contact is the most important and will almost certainly be done by telephone it is necessary to have the ear in practice to the English language even if you are still in an other country. To do so, the easiest advice is to watch movies and television in English. In the webe there are many ways to perform, but only on YouTube you can find small pieces of television series that will accustom you to understand different accents and not having to make the first call and then repeat “sorry?”.

Another important point is that related to the preparation of the interview. For this topic I send you to the article “How to be ready for a job interview in London” “Come farsi trovare pronti ad a colloquio to Londra” (naturally applies to any part, European city: is Dublin, Prague, Copenhagen, Manchester, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, etc.).

Career areas present in Get Hosbons

The areas available for job opportunities in London and the United Kingdom:

Admin & management Armed forces and emergency services
Art & design Building & planning
Consultancy Engineering & manufacturing
Finance & banking Health & medical services
Information technology Law
Leisure & hospitality Media/marketing/entertainment
Public sector & social services Retail
Sales Science & related work
Teaching & training Telecommunications
Transport & logistics

Dog sitter in London

Small or medium-sized man’s best friend is a great way to start the whole. A very common figure in London, especially in parks we can find these characters with the collar a considerable number of dogs. But what are the real tasks of the dog sitters in London and their responsibilities?

The work of the dog sitter in London

Whoever decides to start this job has two big responsibilities. The first is the animal, no, not the owner, the dog. The second is for our friend on all fours. One of the biggest problems you will have to face is obedience. Remember that in fact you will be a total stranger and not always our friends will listen to you as it should be. It can become a dangerous reality in public places, do not forget the necklace and never lose sight of it.

Who does a dog sitter serve?

It is a figure usually requested by people who do not have time, for work, travel or sick reasons to take care of their dog.

How much is earned working as a dog sitter in London?

It depends a lot on the dog and its size, if you simply have to take it for a walk or if you also have to bathe it. Typically the profit eats dog sitter in London is 6 pounds per hour. They can become 10 pounds per hour if it is a breed or is large.

Is it hard to find work as a dog sitter in London?

Finding a job as a dog sitter in London is not very difficult, but it is a job that is very much in demand, so beware of the competition. There are several agencies to which you can send your CV:


Another good way to find work as a dog sitter in London is to prepare flyers and put them in mailboxes naturally in the most residential areas. Useless indeed in the center of London, Oxford Street for example, or in the City, the financial center of London.