Let us remind you London is a big city with it’s own culture and different spoken language. So it’s normal to feel distressed at your first visit, and it is important not to be influenced or frightened by all kind of excessive news from the newspapers. Generally there are dozens of questions that a person has before to leave, but we prefer to focus attention only on some of the most common questions about London.

  • Is Euro accepted?
    No, the Euros are not accepted. The shops which accept them are really very few.
  • Where can I change the euro in pound (sterling) ?
    We suggest buy pounds in your own bank. It ‘s good order them three or four days before your departure date to avoid the problems. In London you can change euros at airport, in a bank or in the appropriate exchanging offices but you will pay a much higher rate.
  • Is it easy to withdraw by debit or credit cards in English bank branches?
    Yes, there is no problem in London to collect or to pay with europian credit cards. Even with cash machine you can withdraw without any problem. Be careful at the commissions which might be high and depend on your bank.
  • Are there districts to avoid because they are the most dangerous ?
    Our advise is to avoid areas with poor transport system. East London was one of the less secure areas of the capital until a decade ago, but now it has been totally cleaned up, also thanks to the Olympics 2012, which it hosted. Currently this area is a place to gather for many young people who come from all over the world.
  • What is the weather like in London ?
    You have to consider that the weather in London changes often during the day due to very windy area of its geographical position. For example, an Italian who would come in London in summer will never feel too hot because the temperature here is slightly lower than in Italy. Another important point is the rain: it rains a lot in London but the rain is almost never violent, moreover with all shops, pubs and restaurants where you can keep the rain out , you’ll not need an umbrella.
  • What are the major attractions of London ?
    The Natural History Museum is certainly the ideal place for those who love nature. The admission is free and it’s open from Monday to Sunday . This museum is easily accessible by tube, it holds one of the largest collections of natural history in the world. The exhibitions not to be missed is that dedicated to the dinosaurs, the collection of minerals and large gallery of six mammals.
Another thing not to forget is certainly a ride on the London Eye, which is a landmark for the city of London. Lot of tourists can admire the view of this beautiful city from 135 meters in height. The London Eye is really appreciable especially at Christmas time when it is decorated with thousands of festive lights.