Skype - LLamar a España ahorrando

There are many ways to call home in Spain without having to ask for a loan. The most famous methods are those of the prepaid cards that you missed many times do not reveal to be the most economical. Let’s discover together SKYPE, which allows you to call Spain at 0.015 pounds per minute! (It is not long for it to be free).

Before everything:

What is skype?

Skype is a system for making calls over the internet and allows free calling other people who use Skype or paying fixed national numbers and cell phones in any country. This technology is called VOIP.

What do I need to use SKYPE?

To use Skype services you will be served by a computer and an Internet connection. In England there are some phones on the market (either fixed or cordless) that allow Skype to be used without the need of a computer.

How does the service work?

Using Skype to call from London is very simple. It will be enough to download the software from the website and charge 10 pounds of calls with the credit card. And it’s ready. You can call any fixed or mobile number and the rates offered are always unbeatable. To understand us, with 1 pound you can call Spain and talk more than an hour and a half!

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