El problema de los Bed Bugs en Londres

Bed bugs are a big chronic problem in London. Contrary to what you might think, they are not a consequence of a bad cleaning, getting rid of them in a definitive way is indeed very difficult, and many times also the 5 star hotels like the Hilton have had to work hard to get rid of they. They are a terrestrial version of the mosquito: they come out at night, they feed on our blood and they retire to their nest (the mattress, the frame of the bed, any porous wooden surface, etc.) for 3-7 nights to then leave and repeat the operation.

In the Anglo-Saxon culture these insects are so common that they have been incorporated into a phrase that is said to children before going to sleep: “Sleep tight, do not let the bedbugs bite”! To get rid of these unwanted guests there is no definitive solution, in the sense that the eggs can resist up to a year and a half without food and the same animals can survive months and months in a form of lethargy. In addition, it has been demonstrated that a permanent treatment would be to freeze the beds, curtains and dressings in a giant freezer for three days, decisively an impractical solution!

But if you really do not want to hear any of these little beasts, here are some solutions to get rid of them for a bit:

  • The first is the use of steam cleaners or a pesticide containing alcohol, both are solutions that allow you to kill the bedbugs that are already deployed and leave you alone for couple of weeks.
  • Another solution that has become fanos is that of wrapping the mattress itself in a plastic mattress cover to suffocate them.
  • Following the famous “grandmother’s advice”, use eucalyptus oil.

If you have been bitten by one of these little beasts, do not worry, allergic reactions to these bites are very rare and there is no danger to physical health, all that will remain as proof of the crime will be a small welt and a tiny spot of blood on the mattress. The first will disappear after a few hours, the second will leave with a small cleaning!