In London there are more than 10 mobile phone operators and it is easy to read. The monthly contracts (of one year duration) go very well, while the rechargeable ones of SIM (paid on the fly) are not considered very well. Discover through this guide the most convenient rates to call London.

We analyzed the first 6 operators in London comparing rates.

Pay As You Go £10,00 £10,00 £1,00 £0,50 £5,00 £5,00
Credit included £10,00 £0,00 £0,00 £0,00 £0,00 £0,00
Call fixed number UK £0,15 £0,35 £0,25 £0,12 £0,10 £0,30
Call for the same operator £0,15 £0,20 £0,10 £0,12 £0,15 £0,30
Call for a different operator £0,15 £0,50 £0,35 £0,12 £0,35 £0,30
Messages (TEXT) £0,07 £0,10 £0,10 £0,10 £0,10 £0,10

The rates as they see are completely different and the reason is very simple: “Each operator offers different offers to associate with rechargeable and seeks to cover a different market.”

MOBILE WORLD: This company does not offer fascinating services and presents the limit that NON WORKS ABROAD and does NOT allow receiving messages from Spanish phones. In short, I do not feel to advise this sim because many times I could not know if someone had sent me an SMS, given the problems of receiving them

O2: I currently use O2 and I must say that I find it pretty good. The sim I paid only £5 where the Indian and offers useful and useful service constantly tell you how much your credit is. I have never had reception problems, lost sms, etc … I have chosen O2 because I needed a sim that works 100% and the opinions from this point of view were very good. Unfortunately the rates are a little high, but they have many services that exceed the costs of calls and sms.

ORANGE: Rates better than the O2 but I do not know the services it offers.

T-MOBILE: Looking at the rates, it seems to be the best operator! The sim is convenient to buy it Online data that costs only 0.50p. In an authorized business, if I’m not mistaken, they ask for £10 (sometimes up to £20 without credit.) Of course, the trusted Indian may sell it for £5!

VIRGIN: Virgin has recently entered the telephone world and has done it in an aggressive manner proposing many offers. The rates are quite good, pity the money to communicate with the other operators in the UK.

VODAFONE: Vodafone is probably the best company at the service level, but the prices are very high. You have to consider that after the first 5 minutes of calls, the rates go down a lot.

Where to buy SIMs:
There are many businesses that sell cell phones in London !! In the Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, etc. businesses the prices are fixed therefore one business is the same as another but there are businesses that sell sim at £5 without having to present any document and without any type of registration. In these businesses it is possible to directly recharge the cell phone and therefore in a few minutes (much less than in authorized businesses) you will have the sim ready. These small businesses are scattered throughout the city and many times are managed by Indians!