TV por satélite y Sky en Londres

For all lovers of football or cinema that arriving in London put the problem of where and how to follow the games or see all the possible movies, the solution is sky. Technology advances at the speed of light and does not stay in a single country, such as Spain. Therefore, admirers of sky and satellite TV, do not panic! Also England allows to have comfortably sky in own house or by means of the satellite TV or by means of the still more famous platform Virgin Media that uses the cable TV.

List of the main visible channels in SKY
106-Sky1 107-Sky2 108-Sky3 301-Sky Premiere 302-Sky Premiere +1
303-Sky Comedy 304-Sky Action 305-Sky Family 306-Sky Drama 307-Sky ScFi/Horror
308-Sky Classics 309-Sky Modern Greats 310-Sky Indie 311-Sky Screen 1 312-Sky Screen 2
313-Sky Premiere HD 314-Sky Screen 1 HD 335- Sky Action HD 336- Sky Family HD 337- Sky Drama HD
338- Sky SciFi/Horror HD 401-Sky Sports 1 402-Sky Sports 2 403-Sky Sports 3 404-Sky Spts Xtra
405-Sky Spts News 408-Sky Sports HD1 409-Sky Sports HD2 450-Sky Sports HD3 864-Sky Vegas