Do you need to transfer money/make payments abroad?
Saving on bank fees, having a real exchange rate and a safe and trusted service?

Then you need to use Transferwise!

Why Transferwise?

  • Daily updated and REAL exchange rate
  • Super cheap fees (0,05% of the total amount)
  • User friendly
  • One of the fastest, safest and easiest way to transfer you money

Sending money abroad with Transferwise

Transferwise service is, for most of the people who lives abroad or have their family living abroad, one of the best and cheap service to trasnfer money considering the high fees that banks are applying.

Even more important is that Transferwise service is clear: you know how much and why are you charged for the transaction.

Ex. Sending 1000 €
You will pay 5,78 € Fee
With a exchange rate of 0.89640
You will get 891.22 £

You can decide to pay less fee, having a slower process.

Here is how Trasnferwise service works

How to transfer your money with Transferwise

To transfer your money just click on the banner below and follow the simple instruction the website will give you. In this way you will be granted that the exchange rate is updated and real (you can easily check on google to verify that).